rebranding a business

Sharlotte Bouniol: Rebranding, Hustling to Provide Value, and Growing Like a Boss (AoL 067)

When crap hits the proverbial fan, what are you going to do? Do you buckle down and get through whatever has come your way? Or, does something else distract you from what you were already doing?

What if you were starting a successful little business and then all of a sudden you got a cease and desist letter? On top of that, the social media accounts that you had been building suddenly disappeared?

This is exactly what happened to one of our guests last year.

Sharlotte had every reason to pack it in and say that being a freelancer wasn’t for her.

But she didn’t. She kept plugging on.

Find out in our interview with her how she was able to get through her rebranding, what’s up with her new mastermind group, and some of the decisions she’s had to make to become more successful since we last spoke.

And for those keeping score, this is Silver Edition number 2!



  • Why Sharlotte had to reboot her company 9:35
  • What kept her from giving up when she did reboot 13:55
  • What she’s changed for her marketing strategy as a result 15:16
  • Where the idea of her mastermind group come from and what does she offer with it? 16:25
  • What does it take to run a successful mastermind? 20:09
  • How has she been able to use her strengths to be a good facilitator? 23:31
  • What kind of travel has she been able to experience since she was last on the show? 26:41
  • How does traveling inspire her work? 27:46
  • How does she find time to enjoy the fruits of her work versus actually do it? 31:04
  • What’s her take on time management? 33:14
  • What kind of things has Sharlotte hired people to help her with? 35:04
  • What’s going on with her Branding Like a Boss Academy? 40:42
  • Top books that Sharlotte tells others about 44:02
  • One gift she likes giving others 44:35
  • What she would do if she woke up tomorrow and she was her 10 year old self 45:30
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their online or offline community? 46:18
  • What’s the secret to achieving personal freedom? 47:15
  • What are three or four steps to making a brand better today? 47:50
  • … and MUCH more!

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rebranding a business

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