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Is New Inceptions and the Junto Right For You?

We’d like to believe that most anyone should be able to learn from what we discuss and apply it in their life.

However, we do realize that we won’t be able to help everyone. What’s the saying? You can’t make a horse drink water? Too often we’ve found that to be the case. We don’t want to waste our time wasting yours.

The New Inceptions Community is full of Creators who:

  • Want to be proud of the work they do. We feel that when we put their name on something, we should be proud of it. We shouldn’t be questioning whether or not it was the right or wrong choice.
  • Make an income doing the work they want to do. Until we make a conscious effort to make money through our efforts of adding value to others, we’re really just operating a charity. While there’s nothing wrong with charities, even they need resources to function. Money provides us the ability to continue to do what we like and want to do.
  • Feel that there’s more to life than what society expects of them. School and our environment isn’t the end all of what life can be about. We don’t want to be in a job or career that “anyone” can do or have.
  • Prefer to fill up their calendar the way they want to. Unless it’s for clients, our time is not for sale. We feel that many of us who were part of the public education machine, lost our connection with our creativity and effectively our identity. We prefer to structure our own time and identity instead of others doing it for us. This also means that we aim to limit our distractions.
  • Want to leave a lasting impression on as many people as possible. We realize that our lifetimes are limited and wanted to make a dent in the universe while we’re here. To do that we need to study relationships, leadership, and various other soft skills so we can leave a lasting legacy. We also need to utilize the internet to expand ourselves and our efforts.
  • Want to work for themselves, but not by themselves. We’ve found that working as a community has a synergistic effect. This is why we feel that New Inceptions is an online business incubator. We want everyone to be successful as it makes us as a whole successful.

Secrets to Success

Now that we’ve told you a little bit about the community, let’s look at some of the key skills that we believe will help you start on the right foot in your Creative Journey.

1. Self Reliance – It’s going to take some work!

Let’s just come out with it: if you think what you have right now is because someone gave it to you or you’re waiting for it to come from the government, then more than likely New Inceptions isn’t going to be for you. We believe that while not everyone has an equal starting point, we do believe that everyone can get to the top of the mountain. However, your mountain might not be the same as mine. Nor should you try to knock other people off as you climb to the summit.

I’m all for the little guy making it. If he can find the right people who can help him make it work, then that’s what it’s about. However, he shouldn’t rely on the government for  You could call me a Conservative Libertarian.

2. Self Awareness – What’s Your Personality and What are Your Strengths?

While we all might have been created equal, we definitely don’t have the same strengths. However, I will say that we live in a time where formal education treats us all very similar. No matter what you study or what your major is in, more than likely you’re taking a test that all your students have taken. Or required to do a project that all other students in your major have required to do. Is that fair? Maybe. Maybe not.

The truth is, you need to find out who you are. Here are FOUR resources that I’ve used in the past that has helped me:

If I could wish one skill on people it would be this! So many of your friends and family need to see this asap! I hope you enjoy

Posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

3. Dare to Do the Impossible

I once thought that I’d never get through college, never have a girlfriend, and never be able to deal with being a real adult. In 2010, I had only accomplished one of those things – and it took me 9 and half years to do. But life happened and I grew up. Today, I’m married, actually feel my age, and… well… I’m still a graduate!

The truth is that if you have no other options, you’ll fight to get what’s important. You’ll take some chances and things will change. The hard part is truly leaving your comfort zone. That might involve setting some new boundaries, some new goals, and possibly getting rid of some old mental blocks.

Still with us? Great! You can almost consider yourself a Renegade. Here’s your next four steps to seal the deal:

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