collaborative teamwork

Pat Flynn – The Power of Collaborative Teamwork for the Entrepreneur: From Solopreneur to SPI Media and Beyond (AoL 200)

In the last session, I brought up the books Key Person of Influence and OverSubscribed both written by Daniel Priestley and one thing that these books have made is that the dream of the solopreneur is a pipedream. In fact, as a business owner, we need to seek collaborative teamwork as soon as possible. And, […]

finding inner peace

Kira Leskew – Taking a Step Back to See the Big Picture: Finding Inner Peace in a World of Chronic Hustle and Burnout (AoL 199)

A couple of books I’ve been reading recently are essentially about finding inner peace as a business owner. One is called Key Person of Influence, and the other is called OverSubscribed both by Daniel Priestley. One’s about becoming someone who creates opportunities in life through relationships while the other is about making you and your […]

living your dream

Jerome Myers – Discovering Your True Self: How To Allow Yourself to Start Living Your Dream (AoL 198)

One of the things I’ve learned in the last 10 years (and even more so since the start of the pandemic) is many of us, including myself at times, ask if we’re worthy enough to level up and start living our dream. Scratch that – OUR DREAMS. See, here’s the thing. Society has told us […]

top stock picks

Sean Tepper – The Magic of Compound Interest in Trading: Using SaaS to find Top Stock Picks and Invest Confidently (AoL 197)

Often when we think about making millions of dollars, they think of three things. Primarily those things include building a business to a particular revenue level, creating a portfolio of real estate, or getting lucky in the stock market. That last one has always been something that I’ve struggled to believe – that you had […]

online presentation

Rich Mulholland – Fulfilling Your Victory Condition: How to Get Real Results with Your Next Online Presentation (AoL 196)

For a good majority of the population, an online presentation can be a drag. Reason why is that most people are simply new to doing online business. They simply haven’t heard all the tips and tactics which have been discussed in the digital marketing space for the last 10+ years. As of 2020, though, the […]

find your why

Dan Dominguez – On Your Path to Fulfilling Work: Why It’s Important to Find Your Why (AoL 195)

When it comes to my work here at New Inceptions, one of the most often asked questions I’ve received is “JC, how did you find your why?” 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have really known what they were talking about. I hadn’t really thought about my motivators in life. Sure, I had thought about my […]

using zoom

Rich “Trigger” Bontrager – Using Zoom Like a Pro: Embracing the World Stage as a Business Owner (AoL 194)

In 2020, using Zoom has become commonplace for businesses and schools alike. Since so many people have become familiar with the platform, it only makes sense that there are ways we should or shouldn’t use the platform. Whether you’re a business leader, a member of a nonprofit, or a teacher, no one wants to attend […]

George Campbell & Jim Packard – Eliminating Self Sabotaging Behavior: How the Power of Habit Is Essential to Goal Achievement (AoL 193)

Self sabotaging behavior is a common theme when it comes to personal and business development (or the lack thereof). Whether it’s the lack of willpower to get healthier, the determination it takes to go through college, or the focus it takes to build one’s business, there’s one thing that is certain when it comes to […]

Desmond Clark – Creating a Standard of Winning – Key Insights for Developing Lifelong Skills for Success (AoL 192)

As we’re getting started in this second year of potentially a two or three year pandemic “clean up” plan, there’s going to be plenty of time for us to really adjust and think about where we fit in the world. It’s a great time to develop our skills for success. What do I mean by […]

building companies

Marek Zmyslowski – Building Companies Abroad: Key Do’s and Don’ts when Investing In Businesses Outside the First World (AoL 191)

Welcome to 2021, everyone. What an interesting ride it’s been… and we’re not out of woods yet. However, if you’re interested in building companies (and who isn’t these days?), I’m really feeling hope in the air. Hope of a fresh start. If anyone knows about fresh starts, it’s this session’s guest Marek Zmyslowski. He’s had […]