Media Room

Hey! JC here! Thanks for stopping by the media room! We’re always looking to partner with new people.

Need a guest on your web show? I have had exposure and experience in a wide variety of media, and I’m available for interviews, public speaking engagements and I’m always open to making time for the media and event hosts. Below are some places where I’ve appeared along with topic possibilities and contact information to explore booking.  You want to have multiple guests? I can bring a co-host or two of my own if you’d like!

Maybe you need a speaker? I’m available on a very limited basis for live in-person events.

Topics I Can Discuss

If you need and expert guest, articles, columns, tip sheets, etc., I can help.

I love sharing and serving. Being a John Maxwell Team member as well as having a background in the startup and lifestyle entrepreneur world, I can talk on a number of topics. These include:

Finding Meaningful Work – That’s what New Inceptions is all about! A lot of people travel through life not knowing what they really want to do with themselves and how they can make their own imprint on the world. When I figured out that my gift was helping figure out their Why and What were and learning how to digitally implement that (How), that’s when I found my calling.

Success mindset – I’ve been a self improvement junky for over a decade now. Applying what I’ve learned got me through grad school, started a few startups, as well as helped me find my wife.

Digital marketing – For someone to really make an impact, they need to learn how to get their voice out there in a way that helps other people. Through the internet, this is easier than ever! I love helping people become “experts” in their field!

Futurology – Interested in Cryptocurrency? How about Artificial Intelligence? Maybe you just want to know more about bionics and robotics and how they’re going to change the world in a matter of decades if not years? I got you. This is one of my favorite topics to learn more about!

Wealth Development and Management I grew up in a frugal family who happened to have nice things. Just because we had those nice things, didn’t mean we wasted money to acquire them. Because of this, I’ve never had much debt. In fact, when I was going to college I worked at the same time to help pay my way through. I’d love to share with your audience in how they can do that too!

Don’t see a topic of interest here? Just ask! I’m happy to brainstorm on what will serve your audience best.

Other Details:

Lead Questions: I am happy to supply you with questions you can ask on our chosen topic, or we can go “off the cuff.” I am comfortable with either type of conversation.

Introductions: I have a large database of content experts on a wide variety of topics.  I’m happy to introduce you to other reputable professionals to help you with your story or broadcast and/or book or blog sites that match your story focus.

Success Stories: If you are looking for business success stories – I’d be happy to share sources and contact information.

Syndicating and Sharing Your Stories/Shows: With your permission, we will share your stories/shows across social media platforms and to our community.

Please let us know if you are featuring us in any way, so we can thank you for your coverage and spread the word to our various networks.

Media Contact

You may reach me and team via our contact page here!