young professional

Emily Mishler – Perspective for the Young Professional: Why Authenticity Wins when Building Your Network (AoL 190)

As we’re quickly hurtling towards 2021, many a young professional is finding it harder and harder to sync into the “real world” once they’re out of college. For me, it’s been over 10 years since I got out. And it took me quite awhile to get my bearings. I can only imagine what it’s like […]

build confidence

Casey Sharperson – Believe in Your Better Tomorrow – How to Build Confidence and Achieve Your Dreams (AoL 189)

As 2020 is coming quickly to an end, we’re moving closer to favorable conditions to be creatively self employed. However, that might be easier said than done. For many, the pandemic has set people back in more ways than one. If we want to build confidence going into the new year and to be a […]

take care of yourself

Sameera Khan – Healthy Living for the Creative: Secrets from a Health Nutritionist to Take Care of Yourself (AoL 188)

In 2020, it’s been relatively easy to put on a few pounds since we’re all more prone to living a sedentary lifestyle. That’s why the Quarantine 15 has become a thing. However, that’s really a bad excuse to not take care of yourself. So, for the holidays, I wanted to make sure we released a […]

live the life

Justin Breen – Live the Life You Want – How to Build Your Own Epic Business (AoL 187)

In the last five years, I’ve learned a lot of things from doing this show. If someone is looking, I really think it can help someone live the life they want. However, while I might have learned plenty since starting the show, I’d say a big part of that knowledge is simply developing new perspectives […]

think big

Ya’el Johnson – One Step at a Time: How to Think Big Yet Focus on What We Can Control (AoL 186)

Believe it or not, but there’s a lot of people in this world who are afraid to think big. The reason for this is pretty simple… at least to them. Why think of making a huge impact when you can’t even get your own life straight? What I’ve learned is that having big goals and […]

creative thinking

Lois Stark – Shapes of Changing Times – Exploring Creative Thinking in an Uncertain World (AoL 185)

It’s said that college can either teach you what to think or how to think. And in my case, I’d like to believe that it taught me how to think. But looking back, especially this past year, I’ve realized when it comes to creative thinking, my Purdue career might have failed me. Not because I […]

identity shift

Rob Scott – Tackling Humanity’s Core Problem – How an Identify Shift Can Lead To Your Personal Breakthrough (AoL 184)

There’s a lot to be said when it comes to having a personal breakthrough. In fact, having one might just change the rest of your life. However, when it comes to having a breakthrough through an identity shift, what does that actually mean? Shouldn’t a breakthrough come before having a change of identity? Interestingly, according […]

target audience

Joe Sanok – Being of Service to Your Audience – How to Create a Podcast for Your Target Audience (AoL 183)

When you’re starting anything in the business world, it’s a really good idea to know who your target audience (or avatar) is. Some businesses might have many options, while most actually have a handful or less. Generally speaking, when you’re starting a podcast, it’s no different. Sure, there’s a few podcasts out there that practically […]

day trading for beginners

Jason Brown – Day Trading for Beginners: How to Make Passive Income in the Stock Market (AoL 182)

When it comes to the stock market, the most knowledge people typically have is letting someone else manage their portfolio. Robert Kiyosaki strongly urges people not to do this because, generally speaking, those that do manage other people’s money do so in whatever way they can earn the most commission. So, where does someone look […]

How to Get on TV: Using Your Story to Gain Interest in Your Business with Sabrina Santucci (AoL 181)

On the show, we’ve asked several of ours guests a particular question when we know they’ve had the answer. And that question is simply this “How did you get on TV?” Interestingly, there’s been a few different answers. But the one thing which was common between all of them was that they had a compelling […]