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Jason Brown – Day Trading for Beginners: How to Make Passive Income in the Stock Market (AoL 182)

When it comes to the stock market, the most knowledge people typically have is letting someone else manage their portfolio. Robert Kiyosaki strongly urges people not to do this because, generally speaking, those that do manage other people’s money do so in whatever way they can earn the most commission. So, where does someone look if they’re interested in finding out more about day trading for beginners?

For me, this has been an answer I’ve not been able to find a solution to for the entirety of this show. We’ve had plenty of guests who have built their businesses in the B quadrant, and we’ve had several reality stars who have built a great portfolio in the I quadrant. However, we’ve never had an expert on whose focus is helping those who want to build wealth through paper assets.

Until now.

More often than not, people generally build an S quadrant business, scale it through the B quadrant, and then take their profits and buy assets in the I quadrant.

However, there’s no rule that says you can’t start slowly in the I quadrant and then build a business helping others do the same in the B quadrant. In this session Andy and I learn how our guest Jason Brown ended up doing just that with The Brown Report and Power Trades University.



  • How did Jason get started in the stock market? 13:14
  • How does someone know if they’re investing in a good investment in financial education? 20:59
  • Why should someone even think about passive income in general? 27:06
  • What are some keywords someone who wants to make money on the stock market should be paying attention to? 29:51
  • What kind of personal traits should someone have if they’re considering getting involved with the stock market? 32:37
  • Is there something specific about Jason’s process that works for him and others? 38:05
  • How can someone convert their business’ profits into another revenue stream successfully? 41:33
  • What is Jason looking forward to in his business and the market? 45:48
  • Which podcasts are his top 3 most influential? 47:37
  • Is there something he’s gotten better at saying no to? 48:43
  • What’s something he’s learned about recently and excited to implement? 50:49
  • What is one concept every high school student must know? 52:32
  • Is there a secret to living a life of abundance? 54:28


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