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Joe Sanok – Being of Service to Your Audience – How to Create a Podcast for Your Target Audience (AoL 183)

When you’re starting anything in the business world, it’s a really good idea to know who your target audience (or avatar) is. Some businesses might have many options, while most actually have a handful or less.

Generally speaking, when you’re starting a podcast, it’s no different. Sure, there’s a few podcasts out there that practically anyone can listen to, but for the most part, shows need to be tailored to the audience. This is especially true if the host isn’t well known.

When this session’s guest, Joe Sanok, started his podcast, not many people knew who he was outside of his therapy work. However, with a podcast name of Practice of the Practice, it only makes sense that people who were looking to build their private practice would find his show.

In this session, Veronica and I chat with Joe about the importance of knowing your audience and successfully building a brand around their needs.



  • What lead Joe to realize he had to retire from his therapy practice to build his current business of Practice of the Practice? 9:49
  • How did he realize it was time to sell the therapy practice that he had been building for years? 13:44
  • What inspired Joe to start his podcast in the first place? 15:34
  • Is there anything in particular he’s learned by running a practice that he can apply to what he’s doing today? 17:16
  • What ideas does he think keep people back from creating something which has a high level of scale and influence? 18:56
  • When someone believes they have limits in their lives and business, what questions should they be asking themselves if they want to move forward? 20:47
  • How can someone make a podcast about an industry that might seem too limited in scope? 23:56
  • Are there key elements a new podcaster should consider if they’re starting a show in a particular niche? 26:25
  • Has Joe had to go through any particular pivots this year? 40:28
  • If he could add one song, one book, and one film to the national curriculum, what would they be? 42:35
  • What’s a message that’s out there which is a disservice to youth? 43:42
  • What’s something that costs less than $100 which has changed his life? 44:06
  • Is there something he’d like to do in his lifetime that no one knows about? 45:23
  • What’s the secret to achieving personal freedom? 45:54


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