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Jerome Myers – Discovering Your True Self: How To Allow Yourself to Start Living Your Dream (AoL 198)

One of the things I’ve learned in the last 10 years (and even more so since the start of the pandemic) is many of us, including myself at times, ask if we’re worthy enough to level up and start living our dream. Scratch that – OUR DREAMS.

See, here’s the thing. Society has told us what’s important and that’s the magic dollar bill. How you get it is secondary to actually getting it. Because so many people focus on the end destination (which, hint… there is no end destination), it really doesn’t matter how you get the result.

However, what I’ve learned along the way is that if you can tap into your true self and do work that has meaning to you and/or you finding fascinating, then the sky’s the limit.

That was true for this session’s guest, Jerome Myers.

As he tells it in this chat, while he was in college he realized that there are easier ways to earn income than trading time for money. In particular, he learned that multi-family housing can be particularly lucrative.

More so, he realized that when he “figured it out” that others need to know how to get free from the Matrix and live their dreams as well.

Listen in as he shares with us some of his thoughts on steps to finding our true selves and how we can make sure we don’t live a nightmare of constantly trying to do it with little luck.



  • How was Jerome given the “permission” to seek something other than a traditional day job? 14:14
  • Where did Jerome get the idea that he even wanted to get into real estate investing? 16:34
  • What makes the red pill easy to swallow for some people, while other people get choked? 21:21
  • Are there a couple of signs someone can look for when it comes to pursuing their dream full time? 23:50
  • What are three things that Jerome suggests that a dreamcatcher can do to make sure their dream doesn’t become a nightmare? 26:57
  • Why does Jerome have multiple podcasts as opposed to bringing in a video element? 28:33
  • Does Jerome have any success stories of where he’s been able to help others take the red pill? 34:20
  • When it comes to the Hero’s journey, does Jerome feel like society is preventing people from living their own? 42:21
  • What are a handful of concepts people should consider before they leave a successful 9 to 5 career to go do their own thing? 44:39
  • How does someone make their job making revenue streams for their family? 50:11
  • What future dream does Jerome want to pursue himself? 53:26
  • Who were Jerome’s top 3 influencers who helped him get to where he’s at today? 55:01
  • What’s the best advice he’s ever received? 56:46
  • Is there something he’s become good at saying no to? 57:20
  • What’s the piece of advice he likes to give others? 57:50
  • What does it mean to live a life of abundance? 58:16


Jerome Online: Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube
Cohost: Andy Dix
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12 Stages of the Hero’s Journey

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