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Kira Leskew – Taking a Step Back to See the Big Picture: Finding Inner Peace in a World of Chronic Hustle and Burnout (AoL 199)

A couple of books I’ve been reading recently are essentially about finding inner peace as a business owner. One is called Key Person of Influence, and the other is called OverSubscribed both by Daniel Priestley. One’s about becoming someone who creates opportunities in life through relationships while the other is about making you and your brand something so desired that there’s a waiting list. How are they about inner peace? Well, both of them are books essentially about anti-hustle. They’re books about working smarter, not harder. (They’re also both available on Scribed).

So many of us are used to working harder in our lives that we forget the price that we pay to do so.

I know I have. And I’ve realized that pushing the capacity of myself wasn’t really getting me further along. In fact, it was ruining not only my relationships but also my own physical wellbeing.

I first started on this path of discovery when I met this session’s guest, Kira Leskew in the summer of 2020. And while I was still trying to figure out what my next steps were, I was also trying to carry on all the other things that I was already doing.

After working with her for a few months to learn about Pranayama last fall, I have continued to use it and other tools to get the weight of the world off my shoulders.

I’ve realized (and I continue to realize) people who get to where many of us want to be – they don’t overwork themselves. In fact, according to Key Person of Influence, they do just the opposite.

In this episode, and as we close out season 5, I wanted to have Kira on to share with you some of the insight I’ve learned during this Pandemic stricken year. It really did allow me to slow down so I could speed up.

Listen in as she shares with us some of her thoughts on anti-hustle, being present, and keeping yourself from burning out.



  • How did Kira get into teaching others about meditation? 14:03
  • What was the critical moment that made Kira consider meditation? 15:32
  • How did she realize that others would be interested in the same realizations she’s had? 20:25
  • A lot of times, business owners find themselves in the weeds of the business. How can they raise themselves up to see the bigger picture more frequently? 27:31
  • For people who have problems actually getting into meditation, what would Kira recommend to people to finally make it happen? 30:37
  • How is she addressing all the burnout that’s going on due to the pandemic? 36:01
  • How can business leaders who feel pulled in many directions be able to reset themselves? 39:30
  • What’s Kira excited about in the coming year? 47:31
  • Who are three influencers who helped Kira get to where she’s at today? 49:18
  • If she could ask anyone living or dead a question, who and what would it be? 50:09
  • What’s something Kira thinks is going to affect entrepreneurship in the future she’s excited about? 51:08
  • In the last 5 years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved Kira’s life? 51:35
  • What’s it mean to live a life of abundance? 53:43


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