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Rob Scott – Tackling Humanity’s Core Problem – How an Identify Shift Can Lead To Your Personal Breakthrough (AoL 184)

There’s a lot to be said when it comes to having a personal breakthrough. In fact, having one might just change the rest of your life. However, when it comes to having a breakthrough through an identity shift, what does that actually mean? Shouldn’t a breakthrough come before having a change of identity?

Interestingly, according to today’s guest, Rob Scott, you can find a way to change your perspective on who you are and how the world influences you. Not only that, but when you do, the world can become a much more friendly and/or productive place.

In this session, Andy and I chat with Rob about how he could have had all the reasons to be a failure at life, but instead used identity shifting techniques to become the person he is today.



  • How did Rob discover his fundamental shift? 9:35
  • What kind of identity shifting techniques did he have to use to get to where he’s at today? 15:14
  • What mindset issues does Rob typically see while working with his clients? 22:17
  • There’s three steps to changing one’s limiting beliefs: awareness, a new choice, and a subconscious pattern. What do those mean, exactly? 23:51
  • How does someone install a new lens in how they see the world? 26:34
  • What would it be like working with Rob when he’d be helping with identity shifting? 38:04
  • What is Rob looking forward to in his work? 50:09
  • Is there a power coaching question Rob likes to ask his coaching clients? 52:02
  • What are three books Rob gifts or gifts to others? 53:05
  • Why is self sabotage such a problem amongst most human beings? 54:10
  • What’s one thing every high school student must know? 55:44
  • Is there a secret to achieving personal freedom? 56:52


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Rob at The Foundation Live Event 2015

Rob Talks @ Google

The #1 Skill in Personal Development

How to Change Your Story – Tools to Use to be Resilient

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