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Lois Stark – Shapes of Changing Times – Exploring Creative Thinking in an Uncertain World (AoL 185)

It’s said that college can either teach you what to think or how to think. And in my case, I’d like to believe that it taught me how to think. But looking back, especially this past year, I’ve realized when it comes to creative thinking, my Purdue career might have failed me. Not because I didn’t get anything out of it. I did. However, when I got out of grad school, I found myself trying to build staircases out of information.

That’s just not how the world works. Especially when you’re trying to start or restart a business.

In fact, when you’re learning something new, using a circular or global way of learning to connect the dots might make more sense to utilize than a linear model.

In this session with Emmy award winning documentarian Lois Stark, Veronica and I chat with her about what what she’s learned about shapes and patterns in nature, and how those relate to our ability to think now and in the future.



  • What fostered Lois’ interest in becoming a documentarian? 8:38
  • Are there specific ideas people can remember as their world continually shifts around them? 11:57
  • How can we get a little higher to see beyond the divisions of mankind? 24:11
  • How can adults reshape their mindset so we can access the future before it unfolds and possibly influencing it based on what we know from the past? 29:11
  • What advice would she give to business owners in riot zones who want to stay in business, but also need to be cautious about how they engage with their community? 41:32
  • What is Lois working on now and what does she expect for its impact in the future? 47:17
  • Who are three of Lois’ influencers or teachers who have helped her get to where she’s at today? 52:47
  • What are three books she gifts or tells others about? 56:51
  • In the last five years, which belief, behavior, or habit has most improved her life? 59:42
  • What happens regularly today which would horrify a person from 100 years ago? 1:01:35
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their community? 1:03:28


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Lois’ TEDx Presentation

Understanding Fractal Thinking with Keith McGreggor

Sir Ken Robinson on the Journey of Discovering Our Talents

Lois is interviewed by Eric Reid of Success Life

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  1. Lois Stark
    Lois Stark says:

    J.C. Preston catches ideas and multiplies them. He listens deeply, enlarging the concepts and enlivening the audience. Then he goes many extra miles: providing content notes, attaching his guest’s TEDx talk, and even attaching other TEDx talks in related fields. Stay tuned to his fine mind. He lives in service to ideas for all to share.


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