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Ya’el Johnson – One Step at a Time: How to Think Big Yet Focus on What We Can Control (AoL 186)

Believe it or not, but there’s a lot of people in this world who are afraid to think big. The reason for this is pretty simple… at least to them. Why think of making a huge impact when you can’t even get your own life straight?

What I’ve learned is that having big goals and dreams actually helps one deal with the now. If we have a worthwhile goal, it allows us to prioritize it. And that, allows us to not prioritize what’s good now… or at least the actions that might self sabotage us in the long run. In other words, if you have an elephant to eat, that’s how you eat it – one bite at a time.

In this session with friend of the show, with newly married Ya’el Johnson, Andy and I chat with her about what she’s learned about life and success as she’s taken control over her own life and destiny. This is a great lesson if you’re new to the self development world, but also a great reminder for those of us who might feel down due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19.



  • How does Ya’el remember getting into the personal development space? 10:46
  • According to Ya’el, why is it necessary for people to control what they can in their lives? 12:10
  • What tips does she have for someone whose been living a horror story and are trying to get out? 19:25
  • What got her interested in aiding in homelessness in the town she’s living in? 23:33
  • How can someone tackle a big project like homelessness in their own community? 27:48
  • What can we expect to hear from Ya’el’s podcast? 35:01
  • What’s going on for Ya’el in the not too distant future? 39:43
  • Who are her three influencers or teachers who have helped launch her to where she’s at today? 41:25
  • What is the most powerful question she likes to ask her coaching clients? 41:59
  • What message is out there that’s a disservice to youth? 43:29
  • How does Ya’el deal with getting overwhelmed? 46:22
  • What’s it mean to live a life of abundance? 47:50


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Ya’el’s Poem “The World I See Beings with Me”

Abraham Hicks – How to Make Big Things Happen

Brendon Burchard – Working on Self Perception

Tony Robbins – Achieving Meaning and Real Success in Life

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