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Justin Breen – Live the Life You Want – How to Build Your Own Epic Business (AoL 187)

In the last five years, I’ve learned a lot of things from doing this show. If someone is looking, I really think it can help someone live the life they want. However, while I might have learned plenty since starting the show, I’d say a big part of that knowledge is simply developing new perspectives on what I already thought I knew.

While I’ve had several changes of perspective, three have stood out the most this year.

The first big perspective change I had was that it really does take awhile to master a craft. For example, while I feel I know a lot about producing a great sounding show, there’s always tweaks I can be making to improve the show as a whole. But it’s only from that experience that I know to make those changes. You’re not going to learn meaningful knowledge overnight.

The second perspective shift I’ve received from the show was actually a big game changer. I realized the more people are doing work aligned with what’s important to them in life and how others see them, the closer they are to doing work that isn’t really… work.

And the third realization came from understanding this past year one thing: The more people you meet and let into your life, the more opportunity you have to grow.

I share those three perspectives with today’s guest, Justin Breen.

In fact, when I realized he was building his business on these three core beliefs, it occured to me that I should probably embrace them more myself.

Listen in as he shares with Veronica and I why these beliefs are important to him and how they’ve empowered him to live the life he’s proud of.



  • What initially drew Justin to a career in journalism? 9:13
  • In 2017 Justin realized there was a shift in journalism. What happened that made him realize it was time to start to live the life he desired? 11:43
  • What inspired Justin to write his book Epic Business the way he did? 18:04
  • What are some of the things someone should expect to learn about in his book? 19:53
  • How can someone put their family needs first when they believe the work that they’re doing is supporting their family long term? 24:01
  • How important is a knowledge of PR and media connections in business success? 31:09
  • For someone who’s just starting out in their business, what should they know about being more respectful of journalists and building relationships with them? 34:26
  • How did Justin learn the skill of leading with relationships in building his business as opposed to being highly transactional? 37:58
  • What does the future of BREpic look like and what is he looking forward to? 43:25
  • Who are Justin’s favorite teachers who have helped him get to where he’s at today? 45:21
  • Which documentary would he recommend people check out? 45:37
  • What’s the best advice he’s ever received? 45:58
  • Is there an issue more people should be paying attention to? 46:12
  • What’s it mean to live a life of abundance? 46:36


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Greg Reid AoL Interview
Epic Business – Justin Breen (Amazon Link)
Three Feet from Gold – Greg Reid (Amazon Link)
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