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Sameera Khan – Healthy Living for the Creative: Secrets from a Health Nutritionist to Take Care of Yourself (AoL 188)

In 2020, it’s been relatively easy to put on a few pounds since we’re all more prone to living a sedentary lifestyle. That’s why the Quarantine 15 has become a thing. However, that’s really a bad excuse to not take care of yourself.

So, for the holidays, I wanted to make sure we released a conversation with someone who can help us work-o-holic creatives be a bit more mindful of how we’re treating ourselves during the last stretch of the year.

While our guest Sameera Khan typically works with bariatric surgery candidates, she has some great tips for the rest of us.

Listen in as Veronica and I explore a handful of tips we should keep in mind to keep ourselves from binging and/or staying on track for our holiday meal planning.



  • What was the spark that drew Sameera towards a career in the health field? 11:03
  • How can someone become more aware of where they’re at in their own personal care? 15:52
  • How would the work-a-holic use this knowledge in their day to day? 18:31
  • What is someone facing when they’re looking at bariatric surgery? 21:40
  • What kind of actions does someone need to take after bariatric surgery to stay healthy? 26:00
  • Why would someone want to shift their carb intake and what are some tips someone can do that? 28:03
  • What is Sameera focused on for the rest of this year and going forward? 33:24
  • Which 3 books does Sameera find herself giving or telling others about the most? 35:30
  • Is there a documentary she recommends people check out? 36:17
  • What is something she believed as an 18 year but has realized is completely inaccurate and why? 37:17
  • Which three personal truths would Sameera want others to know? 38:52
  • What does it mean to live a life of abundance? 40:40


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