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Casey Sharperson – Believe in Your Better Tomorrow – How to Build Confidence and Achieve Your Dreams (AoL 189)

As 2020 is coming quickly to an end, we’re moving closer to favorable conditions to be creatively self employed. However, that might be easier said than done. For many, the pandemic has set people back in more ways than one. If we want to build confidence going into the new year and to be a player in the Pandemic Adjusted Economy (PAE), we’ll likely need to rebuild and equip ourselves with new expectations of what’s possible.

Personally, I feel that 2020 has helped me reflect and improve my vision of what my businesses can be. In fact, we’re improving the model of everything I’m involved with. I’ve certainly learned a few lessons from this past year. More so how to build businesses that are pandemic proof!

However, I understand that not everyone has been able to gain that clarity. In fact, I think a lot of people who’ve lost their business aren’t quite sure how to pick things up to rebuild. Or, even if they’d want to. Or maybe, someone’s been waiting for the best time to start out on their own – but they’re especially not sure if NOW is the best time to get started.

Here’s the thing: everyone who was affected by COVID-19 will still have to start from a level playing ground when we’re given the greenlight to begin again.

So don’t let your fears hold you back. Reach out and find those who can be a catalyst for what you’re trying to achieve.

One such person I’d recommend reaching out to is this session’s guest, Casey Sharperson. In this conversation, she shares with us how she made the jump BEFORE the pandemic hit and how she’s already helping others do the same.

Listen in as Veronica and I find out what it means to take charge of your story and use it to your advantage to move forward.



  • Who was Casey growing up and how would her own Disney movie begin? 9:44
  • How did her mentor, Alice Carson Tisdale, affect her and where she saw her life going? 12:17
  • Was there a “catalyst moment” during her corporate career which made Casey start on her own path? 18:41
  • When it comes to working with Millennials, where does she start in the process of helping a client? 23:54
  • How can someone use rejection as a catalyst for change and growth themselves? 28:05
  • How has Casey pursued her vision as opposed to simply dreaming and hoping things will come true? 32:45
  • What’s it take to leverage one’s own story to build a brand and fans who love them? 37:06
  • If someone hasn’t found their “story” yet, is it possible for them to build a brand? 40:30
  • Has any of her clients realized their own personal story under her watch, and if so, what was the transformation like? 43:31
  • What would the world look like if everyone had their own personal transformation experience where they actually step into who they are? 47:17
  • What in particular is Casey focused on for the near future? 48:43
  • Who are three influencers/teachers who have helped her become who she is today? 50:28
  • What gift does she like giving others? 52:50
  • Which issue does she believe more people should be discussing yet hardly anyone is? 53:48
  • Which ad would she place into the world if it didn’t cost anything? 55:16
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their community? 55:38


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