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Emily Mishler – Perspective for the Young Professional: Why Authenticity Wins when Building Your Network (AoL 190)

As we’re quickly hurtling towards 2021, many a young professional is finding it harder and harder to sync into the “real world” once they’re out of college. For me, it’s been over 10 years since I got out. And it took me quite awhile to get my bearings. I can only imagine what it’s like now as the world is changing faster and faster outside the ivory tower of academia.

Personally, I think 2020 has been a wake up call in more ways than one. Sure, we’ve been talking about pivoting all year since the virus officially dropped. But one thing we haven’t discussed is the need for better networking skills.

For yours truly, I struggled with this for awhile when I got out of school. In fact, I wasn’t all that great at it even when I started this podcast. However, it was through the podcast, that I have been able to build my networking skills. It’s definitely not the same perspective I have on the art as I did when I first entered into the “real world”. It would have been nice to have been taught some of the stuff you’ll learn in today’s conversation in school.

So, if you’re a young professional, entering the workforce, or have an expendable entry level position, what can you do to hedge your bets? Well, I think a great start is to look at someone like Emily Mishler as a fine example of how to get yourself out there.

Listen in as Andy and I find out how she’s been able to reach the professional level she has as a late 20-something.



How was Emily able to be as productive as she was during her college years? 11:08
How can a young professional leverage their network to build something they’ll be really proud of? 15:44
What are some common misconceptions that younger people have about networking? 18:37
If someone wants to begin networking, what would Emily recommend as a starting strategy? 23:03
What advice would Emily have for those who have multiple passions and is having a hard time focusing on single passion because they feel if they focus on one that it will be on the expense of the others? 29:11
How has Emily been able to pivot in 2020? 31:46
What is Emily’s favorite opening line for networking? 35:12
Which one book, one film, and one song would Emily add to the national curriculum? 36:06
What has she been learning about recently that she’s super excited to implement? 36:36
Is there something specific that each high school student must know? 37:49
What’s it mean to live a life of abundance? 38:29


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