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Marek Zmyslowski – Building Companies Abroad: Key Do’s and Don’ts when Investing In Businesses Outside the First World (AoL 191)

Welcome to 2021, everyone. What an interesting ride it’s been… and we’re not out of woods yet. However, if you’re interested in building companies (and who isn’t these days?), I’m really feeling hope in the air. Hope of a fresh start.

If anyone knows about fresh starts, it’s this session’s guest Marek Zmyslowski. He’s had a couple in his career – but one he’s most notable for is the one he had to go through as he was writing his book Chasing Black Unicorns.

In his book, Marek shares with us the story of why and how he built the Amazon of Africa… but then how selecting a bad business partner eventually got him in hot water with Interpol… and what he learned from the whole ordeal.

In our conversation with Marek, new co-host Ya’el and I explore some of the items Marek has learned you want to do or don’t do when you’re building companies in up and coming countries.



  • What was Marek’s first business? 10:08
  • What were some of the key steps he took to get some of his first ventures started? 14:23
  • How did Marek come to the decision to buy out his business partner when things started going south? 17:54
  • How was Marek able to move past the drama with Interpol and his business partner? 23:19
  • In which ways has Marek been able to leverage his experience into positives today? 29:12
  • What has Marek done for his own pandemic pivot? 32:04
  • Who are three influencers or teachers which have helped him get to where he’s at today? 35:47
  • What’s been the biggest plot twist he’s seen in his day to day life? 37:56
  • What’s something he feels is going to change entrepreneurship in the future, and what specifically is he excited about? 39:15
  • Which message in the world is a disservice to youth? 43:49
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their community? 47:13


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Introduction of Chasing Black Unicorns

Marek’s TEDx on becoming Interpol’s most wanted criminal

Marek’s talk on the LetsDoHumans Podcast

Marek Chatting with Candice Horbacz

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