How to Get on TV: Using Your Story to Gain Interest in Your Business with Sabrina Santucci (AoL 181)

On the show, we’ve asked several of ours guests a particular question when we know they’ve had the answer. And that question is simply this “How did you get on TV?”

Interestingly, there’s been a few different answers. But the one thing which was common between all of them was that they had a compelling story. The other part was that they networked into the spot.

Now, I get what that means. It means that you either found someone you knew who knew the person you were trying to connect with. Or, you randomly connected with someone who could get you on. One’s a little more intentional, however, both have the same result.

However, what if you don’t know where to start in doing that? Sure, there’s courses that can teach you how to network with the right people. But wouldn’t it be easier if you could just reach out to someone who could help?

If you believe you’re looking for that kind of person, then today’s guest is someone you should connect with.

Sabrina Santucci has the network and the skillset to help you on local TV and potentially help you go national. As she says, there’s different strategies for each.

Listen in as Veronica and I learn more about the key things we need to keep in mind as we look to get on TV.



  • How’d Sabrina end up in journalism? 8:52
  • What helped her realize that she should strike out on her own? 9:46
  • Has the freedom of the local TV affiliate been taken away as media companies grow? 11:57
  • Has she had a process of building “hype” for stories she’s done in the newsroom? 15:07
  • What does Sabrina recommend for pivot businesses who want to build more cohesion with their audience? 19:22
  • If someone wants to be featured on their local morning show, how should they go about doing that? 24:31
  • What are some tips Sabrina has for someone who’s new to media? 28:42
  • Who are three influencers or teachers who’ve helped her get to where she’s at in life? 33:19
  • What is her favorite social custom? 34:37
  • What’s something she’d like to do but no one knows about? 35:44
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their community? 36:13


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