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Dirk van Reenen – A Great Challenge Means Great Opportunity – How to Build a Pivot Ready Business Team from Day 1 (AoL 180)

For a lot of business owners, the pandemic has cost them their livelihood. For example, Yelp! recently shared that 55% of the businesses using their platform which closed down due to the pandemic aren’t coming back. What’s a business team to do when you’re looking at those kinds of numbers? How can you avoid having to close down?

The answer, I believe, is all about being able to make a pivot. And this is something we’ve been discussing in great detail on the show.

Unfortunately, for some business teams, pivoting might not be too obvious. Sure, curb service and delivery for some restaurants makes sense, but what if your restaurant wasn’t so much a restaurant, but a bar? What if you’re reliant on a market that’s not doing so great right now such as realty?

Today’s guest, Dirk van Reenen, excels at helping teams focus on the foundations of business and how they scale their businesses in ways that they might not have noticed before. In fact, with the future looking like things will be changing faster and faster, it’s important that all businesses know how to quickly pivot.

So what does that look like? Well, the first thing is all about building the right team – and that’s where today’s conversation takes us.

Listen in as Andy and I learn more about Dirk’s business BERGflow and how it might benefit those of us going through or preparing to go through a hard time.



  • What’s the path that Dirk followed to eventually starting BERGFlow? 9:45
  • Where did the name BERGFlow come from? 15:20
  • What are some things people need to consider when building a team as a solopreneur? 20:24
  • What challenges does remote work give to a group who’s forming into an effective team? 26:50
  • If a leader finds themselves in a situation where there’s trust issue in the team, how can they get back some of the control in their group? 32:02
  • According to Dirk, what’s the importance of a business team building something worthwhile? 38:54
  • What kind of things is Dirk looking forward to as we move into a different world post-pandemic? 45:40
  • What’s the best advice he’s ever received? 51:40
  • Which three books does he gift or tell others about? 52:11
  • What’s the smallest decision he’s made that has had the largest impact in his life? 54:22
  • What’s one thing all high school students must know? 59:01
  • What’s the secret to achieving personal freedom? 1:01:41


Dirk Online: Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube
Cohost: Andy Dix
Powered By: Kennected
Documentary – Happy – (Flow in BERGfow comes from this documentary)
Rocketfuel – Visionary / Operator (or Integrator) relationship
David Osborn- Dirk’s Mentor
e-myth revisited
Chris Tuff AoL Interview
Think and Grow Rich
The Fish that Ate the Whale
The Road Less Stupid – Keith Cunningham
Loving What Is – Byron Katie

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How to Navigate the Early Stages of Shift

Adapting to the Shift

Where is the Bottom of This?

What are you doing to Pivot and Move Forward?

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