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Rohan Kale – So You Want to be a Social Influencer?: A Look at Social Media Marketing in 2020 and Beyond (AoL 179)

Today, more than ever, videos play a large part in social media marketing. If you have a goal of becoming a social influencer, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll need to know how to not only make but produce good quality content to attract people to be part of your audience.

Here’s the catch, though. Not all business owners want to be social influencers. In fact, many business owners might prefer to stay out of that particular limelight because they feel that it would take even more time to make that extra content. Time they could be spending doing what works and less experimenting with new content.

So how does someone who prefers to work their craft and/or work 1 on 1 with their clients, find the time to create and edit this new content?

Well, truth is, they need to bring in someone who has a proven process to attract the right type of audience.

Our guest, Rohan Kale, fits the bill. Personally, I call him more of a social media marketing architect. Not only does he has the process down, but like an architect, hires out the in person work to local videographers.

It’s a really fascinating business model.

In this session, Andy and I learn how he got started in business and what about his approach makes his process a winner today and in the future.



  • How did Rohan’s choice to go to business school eventually lead to starting his own business? 14:31
  • When it comes to building a business, is it worth becoming a social influencer first or should it be a focus in fortune? 20:17
  • How can someone increase their lead generation with a limited budget? 22:00
  • How do you shift the thought of online marketing being a gamble to a one where you know it has a given ROI? 25:18
  • What factors should a business owner consider when they’re determining whether to stay localized or go global with their marketing? 26:48
  • For someone who has an in person based business, how does Rohan make his business work from the other side of the world? 29:39
  • What mistakes does Rohan commonly see with those who want to be a social influencer? 31:40
  • What are three tips he’d recommend to those who are looking to expand their reach and influence? 33:10
  • How has the pandemic affected his business? 38:16
  • What is one song, one book, and one film Rohan he’d add to the curriculum in school? 39:53
  • What’s the best advice he’s ever received? 46:25
  • What new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved his life? 47:35
  • What is something people don’t realize is a huge waste of money? 49:14
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their community? 51:33


Rohan Online: Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube
Cohost: Andy Dix
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CBS Sunday Morning Story on the Workplace
Pursuit of Happyness (Will Smith)
Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch
Bollywood Music videos mentioned by Rohan: Dilko Ko Tumse pyar hua and Yaaron
Malhari – My go to Bollywood music video

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Introduction to Rohan’s Agency

The Basics of Video Marketing

How to Create Your LinkedIn Profile

How to Pivot in Adversity

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