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Dr. Ryan Gottfredson – Unlocking Greater Success – How We Can Move From a Fixed Mindset to One of Growth (AoL 178)

When we have the discussion about achievement and having greater success, many times we go straight to tactics and tools as the answer. Or, if we know better, maybe we’ll take a look at our vision and mission and see if it needs to be tweaked a bit.

One thing we often skip over, however, is our mindset. As we’ve been learning in the show recently, mindsets can be seen as the lenses we see the world in. And there’s a lot of talk about going from negative mindsets to more positive alternatives.

Most of the time, though, this has been a bit of nebulous concept. Especially, when we don’t know where we’re currently at and how we can improve from there.

However, in this session, our goal is to bring that conversation down to reality a bit.

Our guest, Dr. Ryan Gottfredson, has spent over five years looking at the knowledge and data on what it means to go from good to great when it comes to mindsets. And what he’s found is that mindsets can actually be quantifiable.

Through his assessment and book, Success Mindsets, we have a way to find out where we’re at in our positive and negative mindsets and have a plan to move all our

If you’ve been searching for an assessment to help you get more clarity on where you should go in your self development journey, this is a great place to start.



  • How did Ryan end up in the Organizational Behavior field and later looking at mindsets? 10:06
  • Why does he look at mindsets versus personalities? 13:44
  • What are the four opposing mindsets that we can encounter in the world? 16:57
  • How do the results of Gallup’s annual poll on leadership tie into Ryan’s research? 21:42
  • How do we as leaders become the better version of ourselves so we can inspire our followers to be their best? 24:04
  • Is there a way to make sure we don’t fall into self protective stress and keep in a growth mindset? 26:03
  • What exercises can someone do to keep them in a growth mindset? 29:09
  • Does Ryan feel that his new growth mindset is his new default setting or will he have to continue to reinforce it over time? 32:50
  • What role does a coach play in helping someone improve their mindset? 35:37
  • What benefits can someone expect from reading Ryan’s book “Success Mindsets“? 36:43
  • When it comes to the word agile, what does it mean at the individual level? 38:16
  • What has Ryan been doing as part of his pandemic pivot? 41:58
  • How infectious are mindsets when it comes to other people? 43:43
  • What are Ryan’s top 3 favorite books he gifts or tells others about? 45:24
  • When you become overwhelmed or unfocused, what does he do? 46:49
  • If he were to run a business or do a job for a day that he’s currently not, what would it be? 47:51
  • What’s the smallest decision Ryan’s made that’s had the greatest impact on his life? 48:31
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their community? 49:39


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