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Dan Dominguez – On Your Path to Fulfilling Work: Why It’s Important to Find Your Why (AoL 195)

When it comes to my work here at New Inceptions, one of the most often asked questions I’ve received is “JC, how did you find your why?” 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have really known what they were talking about. I hadn’t really thought about my motivators in life. Sure, I had thought about my personality and what I was naturally attracted to doing, but not what actually goes behind that thinking.

In fact, when I first heard Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” presentation, it made since how he was relating it to companies, but it hadn’t really clicked for me how it related to people. That wouldn’t be until later. However, someone it did click with at the personal level was the founder of the Why Institute, Gary Sanchez.

In this chat, Gary’s right hand man, Dan Dominguez shares with us in his own words where he was when he stumbled upon Gary’s work and how Gary actually put the work together.

More specifically we’ll learn how Dan is now living his best life due to the work Gary has done as founder of the Why Institute.

If you’re still struggling to figure out your own Why, perhaps getting some time with Dan might be in your not too distant future?



  • What were the circumstances that pushed Dan to start searching for a career change? 11:05
  • Why did Dan actually decided to join Gary to help build the Why Institute? 24:46
  • Are there certain questions the Why Institute employs to find someone’s Why? 29:59
  • What does Dan want for people to remember as the world continues past the pandemic? 38:53
  • What are some of the things he’s looking forward to moving forward with the Why Institute? 42:38
  • Which three books does he share with other people? 45:07
  • What message out there is a disservice to youth? 45:46
  • Is there something he’d like to do in his life that no one knows about? 47:30
  • Provided it was cost free, what ad would he place out in the world? 48:25
  • How can someone quickly find out if they’re already living their personal mission? 49:47


Dan Online: Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
Cohost: Veronica Kirin
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Road Less Stupid – Keith Cunningham (Amazon Link)
Heroic Leadership – Chris Lowney (Amazon Link)
Play bigger – Al Ramadan (Amazon Link)
Copper Canyon Races

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