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Rich “Trigger” Bontrager – Using Zoom Like a Pro: Embracing the World Stage as a Business Owner (AoL 194)

In 2020, using Zoom has become commonplace for businesses and schools alike. Since so many people have become familiar with the platform, it only makes sense that there are ways we should or shouldn’t use the platform. Whether you’re a business leader, a member of a nonprofit, or a teacher, no one wants to attend a zoom meeting where the presenters aren’t engaging.

In this session of the show, Andy and I have the opportunity to speak with someone who has made it his mission to help others harness the power of the virtual stage.

More specifically, the Trigger, Rich Bontrager, coaches his clients to be better presenters through time proven broadcasting techniques.

In this conversion, we explore why his approach makes such a big difference when you’re trying to seperate yourself from the pack in virtual presentations.



  • Even though Rich grew up with a stutter, how was he initially called into the speaking world? 10:16
  • Where many people might use bad experiences as excuses to not overcome, Trigger has used them to catapult them to the next level. How has he been able to do that? 12:09
  • What has Trigger learned from his past experiences which have made him a better communicator? 15:34
  • How did he get started in pastoring? 16:52
  • How can someone learn to regularly change of their pace a bit when it comes to speaking? 21:22
  • What are some things leaders shouldn’t hesitate to implement as we’re going forward in 2021? 23:44
  • How can someone come off as authoritative, confident, and natural on Zoom? 28:09
  • What are common blunders business leaders make when they go onto the virtual stage? 31:39
  • Where should we focus our eyes in a Zoom conversation? 33:46
  • What are some things people should be looking forward to going forward in this new world of online stages? 37:40
  • What in particular is Rich looking forward to as we move into the pandemic adjusted economy? 40:05
  • Who are three speakers who have launched Rich to where he’s at today? 42:49
  • What’s the biggest plot twist he’s experienced in day to day life? 43:15
  • What’s something every high school student must know? 43:52
  • Who gave him the best advice he’s ever received? 44:13
  • What’s it mean to live a life of abundance? 44:43


Rich Online: Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram

Cohost: Andy Dix

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Andy’s 31 Questions Only You Can Answer

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