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Angel Ribo – Seeking a Higher Purpose: Scaling into International Markets and Educating Young Entrepreneurs (AoL 135)

When scaling a business, there’s many options that an owner or CEO can take.

A lot of times, especially for brick and mortar companies, one of the first things that they’ll consider is growing their company internationally.

However, if they don’t consider the culture they’re moving into, their effort is certainly going to have issues.

This is where today’s guest, Angel Ribo, comes in to help.

Having helped well over a thousand CEO’s during his career, he works on helping companies find ways to benefit the countries that they’re considering moving into.

On top of this, he also has a foundation geared towards poverty stricken kids in Latin America called Wisdom for Kids.

As you’ll hear in the conversation, teaching kids how to be entrepreneurs with the resources around them is a great way to help dilute the effect of poverty around the world.

Join Harrison and I as we talk with Angel about helping others find a higher purpose!


  • What circumstances allowed Angel to learn 5 languages and have as much international exposure as he has over his career? 9:46
  • What memories does Angel have of his travels that he believes have helped him become who he is today? 12:49
  • When did he realize that entrepreneurship was going to be a major part of his life? 14:20
  • Did he have any inspiration in becoming an entrepreneur? 15:34
  • How did he realize what his superpower was? 17:52
  • What’s the main issues that CEOs have when they’re scaling their business to an international level? 19:20
  • How does he prep companies to work with diversity when it comes to international scaling? 26:48
  • What are some challenges that immigrants have when it comes to expand their career or become an entrepreneur? 29:51
  • What’s Wisdom for Kids? How much of a challenge is it to train underprivileged youth to be entrepreneurial? 32:46
  • Why is important for these kids to use their local resources? 36:14
  • What’s Angel looking forward to the rest of this year and next? 40:40
  • In the last several years, what is something Angel has become good at saying no to? 43:17
  • What advice does he hear adults giving children that he’d call bs on? 44:24
  • What does he do when he becomes overwhelmed or unfocused? 44:53
  • Secret to achieving personal freedom? 45:08

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