AoL 003: 6 Key Methods in Dealing with Frustrating People

This week’s session is a topic session. If you’re familiar with the Fizzle Show at Fizzle, then you’ll be familiar with the format of this particular show.

That said, in this session we talk about dealing with frustrating people. You know, people can frustrate us for a number of reasons and a number of ways. Maybe they’re not doing something a certain way. Maybe they’ve let things get out of control. Perhaps they’re not making the experience as enjoyable as it could be. People just rub us the wrong way sometimes.

The key is that you don’t want to come across as the perpetrator by acting out. So these methods (or maybe they’re steps or ways…?) will hopefully help you to not only deal with the person, but keep you sane in the process.

Do you have any annoyingly frustrating people in your life? Perhaps you’re wondering if you need to kick them out of it all together? Listen in today as we discuss the process of coping with those that would drive you crazy.


  • 6 Key Methods of Dealing with Frustrating People (Did I mention they’re key?)
  • Why you should probably only focus on 5 of those methods (the last one is a doozie!)
  • Why it’s important on the issue and not the other person.
  • Why it’s important to not take seriously what others think of you.
  • and much more!

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If you’re ever considering doing a podcast, you might want to know that it’s good form to have about 8 sessions ready for the “launch” date. There’s a couple of reasons for this. One, 8 weeks is how long a podcast can be on New & Noteworthy on the iTunes Store. Also, to get on that New & Noteworthy listing, you want to have released 3 or 4 sessions close to each other at the beginning. It’s also good to give yourself a few weeks of buffer so that if you have conflicts arise, you won’t be losing an entire week during the start of your show. Record in bunches if at all possible! (This is the reason that I referred to a post that was released 5 weeks ago! Gotta get ready for that launch.)

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