AoL 004: Mixing Passions in with a Hectic Work Schedule with Sean Webster

Many people struggle with maintaining a work life balance. In fact, there’s some jobs out there that will almost prohibit you from having a life. (I’m thinking those who work in factories, and other 12 hour shift type places when I say that.)

Other jobs, while not necessarily super demanding, just don’t have a set schedule and that can really play havoc on trying to set a normal schedule to life related activities.

Today, we speak with Sean Webster about this topic. He’s the Sales and Marketing Manager for People’s Brewing Company out of Lafayette, Indiana. As someone who does sales, you have to make yourself available when your customers are. And his customers can have all kinds of schedules. So this leads to a hectic work schedule!

In this session we find out how Sean manages to do his job well (and he does!) while maintaining a regular training routine as a endurance athlete and other life related activities.

His answer is not “Oh, you have to set priorities.” In fact, I find it to be a better answer than that.

What are your secrets for maintaining a work life balance? If you have problems doing so, why is that? Join us as we discuss how you make your job a job that doesn’t keep you from things you like doing!


  • Why Sean considers himself an “outgoing introvert”
  • What he thinks of fellow Millennials and what advantages we have as a generation.
  • Why people saying that they don’t like beer brings out his competition.
  • Three essential keys of being successful.
  • Why your GPA and degree isn’t actually the biggest thing you can get out of going to college.
  • Why it’s important to have something that you enjoy in life.
  • How he comes up with his weekly schedule.

…and much more!

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If you’re in the Indiana area and are interested in getting ahold of Sean to see what he can do for your business, party, or event he wants to hear from you! Call him using the information on his card:


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