AoL 005: How to Work Proactively, Not Reactively

Have you seen pictures similar to the one featured as part of the cover to this session? One’s where whoever was doing the construction, just didn’t think things through? Or even take the time to find out if the plans were right? In the long run, they’re probably going to have to do the work over, or even worse, lose the client that the project was for.

In our work, there’s many things that we can be a little bit more proactive about. Making a list for things you have to do is a good start, but making a schedule for the week is even better. Generally speaking, I believe the more proactive we are about things at work, the more opportunities we’ll have. The more opportunities we have, the more success we’ll see in our career.

So in this particular session, we’ll be talking about simple ways you can be more proactive in your day to day work life, but think about how you can apply those same skills to other areas in your life as well.

If you’re already being proactive in your every day work and life, what are some examples that you can share that might help others get more done? If you’re hearing about being proactive in your work for the first time, what do you think has prohibited you from being more proactive until now? Join us as we look into how to work proactively and not reactively.


  • What working proactively actually means.
  • Why working proactively is important to getting ahead in life.
  • Why people are more reactive than proactive.
  • An introduction to Prussian Education system and why it doesn’t necessarily fit today’s student.
  • What has stuck with Jon from reading the book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey
  • Quick overview of SMART goals and how you can effectively use that model to make good goals.
  • How you can think of your goals like training for a big running event.
  • Why having a vision and why it’s important a journal, calendar, and visual aides to help get there.
  • …and much more

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Inside Creative Zombie Studios with Brad Shoemaker

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