Ginger Kern

Ginger Kern: Exploring the Traveler’s Mindset – Experiencing Big Adventure Through Transformative Travel (AoL 020)

Travel is something that is brought up constantly in the creator / expert / lifestyle business industry. Many of us travel as much as we can. Others simply make traveling part of our regular lifestyle.

Two of our most popular past sessions featured two regular travelers, Cam Adair in session 8, and Marianne Jennings in session 12. They have made it a point to be on move around the globe – for different reasons, I’m sure.

When it comes to actually doing the traveling, however, there are some of us who wouldn’t mind going, but aren’t sure where to start.

That’s where today’s guest, Ginger Kern, comes into the picture. However she’s more than a traveler’s coach. She’s a coach who instills traveling practices within her coaching.

Being a major proponent of what’s called, transformative traveling, she has come to realize that when you see the world as a traveler, you see the smallest things in your own world in a whole new perspective. In fact, I would call it being more aware. As a traveler, that’s what you have to do in a new land – even if you’re in a new city just a couple of hours from your home.

In today’s session, we discuss how she came across her Traveler’s Mindset, where it’s taken her, her experience as a TedX speaker, and what she plans on doing in the not too distant future.


  • Where her love of travel came from.
  • How Greek Mythology propelled her into her traveling interests and gave her courage to do so.
  • How traveling has lead to her learning multiple languages.
  • How to become a presenter at a TedX talk
  • What she got out of speaking at the TedX event
  • How Ginger has incorporated travel in her coaching
  • Why she believes a “rite of passage” is needed for someone to kickoff  their dreams.
  • Tips for newbie coaches including how to get paying clients.
  • How her life and week compares to a typical Type A entrepreneur
  • What she considers her home base.
  • Thoughts about small towns and how that can be a great launchpad to explore… or not.
  • What future goals she has including possibly doing more things with transformative traveling.
  • …and MUCH more.

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Ginger’s TedX talk:

Traveling Lifestyle Video – USA Road Trip in 3 Minutes:

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