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Fizzle’s Steph Crowder on Deadlines, Life Changes, & Learning on the Job at (AoL 034)

Learning how to do online business can be tough. Especially with all the sources that are out there. So that’s why it’s important to trust the sources you learn from and stick with them. You guys know that I have certain people that I learn from. Two of which are SPI and Fizzle.

With SPI, Pat has always had more of a global way of approaching the content that he’ll talk about in a given week and month. In fact, until his book Will It Fly?he was kind of all over the board. That’s kind of the way I learned – heck, that’s probably how he learned from the sources that he got his knowledge from.

Several years back, Corbett Barr and Chase Reeves wanted to help that issue, so they created an online school of sorts called Fizzle.

Fizzle is very logical. First off, everything is one place. And they’re structuring it based on a Roadmap.

If I were to guess, I would say that in the early days that Corbett came up with the content, and Chase, being the lead creative, thought of how to make that information learnable.

Later, Barrett Brooks joined the team with his knowledge of business development. And just last year, today’s guest, Steph Crowder came on to take care of what Barrett was in charge of when he first came on – community and member success.

Over the past year, Steph has earned her spot not only in the all male group, but on the Fizzle podcast as well.

In this session, we’ll be learning about Fizzle, we discuss how Steph got the chance to work at Groupon when it was still a small company and why she feels that working at Fizzle is a good fit for her. We also discuss how she feels about being the Den Momma of the community and we also get a little into why she likes working remotely.

If you’re interested to know more about Fizzle, how it can help you, and how it’s helped Steph, then this is an episode you can’t miss out on!


  • How she got herself started in sales.
  • How she found herself at Groupon.
  • What she loved about her experience at Groupon.
  • How Pat Flynn played a role in her professional development.
  • Why she believes her job with Fizzle is a great fit for her.
  • Why she has to explain to people on a regular basis about what she does.
  • Why she felt she wanted to apply for the Member Success Specialist position.
  • What Fizzle is in her own words.
  • Why not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur/intrapreneur.
  • How she feels about being the Den Momma at Fizzle.
  • What people have to say about Fizzle as members.
  • Why Steph likes remote work vs the experience that she had at Groupon.
  • How she sees her life changing as a new mom.
  • …and MUCH more.

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Chase Improves the “Best Advice Ever”:

Preview of Steph’s Course “Winning Insights with Customer Conversations”

Mini Documentary of the Fizzle Crew get together at World Domination Summit 2015

Barrett introduces us to Jess Lively’s Three Tier Framework for Living Your Values

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