Melinda Enfinger

AoL 045: Helping Veterans find Real Estate, Mentoring, and Business Success with Melinda Enfinger

Taking a passion and making money from it takes the form of many types of careers.

For me, you guys know I love helping people do actually that. That’s why my focus in grad school was entrepreneurship. I love discussing and thinking about it… turning around and helping someone else out through the process.

This session’s guest is no different. Melinda Enfinger is a veteran of the Marines who found herself in the reality industry afterwards, and now finds herself helping veterans find their own property – plus other benefits that they might not know about.

In this session, Laila and I talk with Melinda and find out about her years of service (especially being a female Marine in the 90’s), how she got into working with veterans, and some of the commonly missed benefits that veterans might not be aware of when it comes to reality.

If you are veteran (or know one) and you don’t have a great relationship with the Veterans Services Office, then you should definitely listen to this and see if knowing Melinda might be worth your while!!


  • Why Melinda joined the Marines and what her experience was like during her tenure. 9:00
  • How she got into reality upon leaving the Marines. 14:11
  • How the transition went from being in Marines to being a civilian 15:47
  • Why she liked being involved with reality for as long as she’s been in it. 17:15
  • What some of her favorite stories are when it comes to helping veterans with reality. 21:25
  • How she found herself doing copywriting work. 22:43
  • What she belives makes for good copy. 28:30
  • When it’s better to use “we” vs “you” when writing blog posts. 32:49
  • How she feels being in the military pushed her into coaching and consulting 35:05
  • What kind of people does she like working with the most? 37:53
  • What some of her favorite wins are in her coaching. 42:02
  • What are some things that married military couples should pay attention to when thinking about buying a new house. 50:07
  • Why Melinda believes that veterans need to take advantage of their local Veteran Service Centers 52:58
  • What are some influencers in Melinda’s life 55:37
  • 3 Truths she’s learned that she’d share with others 56:08
  • What ad would she put out into the world? 56:47
  • What would Melinda say to her 30 year old self? 58:27
  • Who comes to mind when she thinks of the word success? 1:02:10
  • …and MUCH more!

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