AoL 046: Why Finding Your Clarity and Focus is Vital to Achieving High Performance with Clay Green

“Why is it that some people seem to get more done in a short period of time, where I’m effectively just treading water?”

Here’s the deal — you’re a small business person. You’re the little guy. You only have so much time to do all of the things that need to get done in a given day. As I’ve mentioned in The 6 Cornerstones eBook, there are 6 things you have to do to be successful online. When you’re doing those things regularly, you still might feel as if you’re simply not moving forward as fast as you’d like.

As I also mention in the book, the first thing you need to do when starting any business is to embrace your Why. I’ve talked about this a couple of times on the blog – it’s that important.

When Brendon Burchard had his infamous accident, he asked himself at the time (because he didn’t know he was going to make it), if he had the opportunity to “Live, Love, and Matter.” That simple question helped him find his Why.

Similarly, today’s guest, Clay Green, has had a similar brush with death on a motorcycle. He actually hit a deer as he was out on his motorcycle. Since that moment, he’s been able to come to grips with his Why and it’s because he was able to encapsulate the focus that he felt in that moment.

Through his work with his clients, he helps them find that focus and clarity that so many of us struggle with – not only when we’re just getting started, but also as we’ve been working for such a long time that we’ve forgotten what we’re doing.

In this chat, we talk about the wreck, how people can live a Charged life, and what it’s like to be one of Brendon’s Certified High Performance Coaches.


  • Why Clay believes his career in military has lead to his success today. 4:31
  • How he believes that people can go from a comfortable or caged life to a charged life 14:25
  • The “Deer Incident” and what he got from it. 34:19
  • Why someone might actually want to have their own business. 46:15
  • What Clay got out of the Deer Incident 49:05
  • What’s the difference between going through Brendon’s High Performance Academy and becoming a Certified High Performance Coach? 54:15
  • How can someone realize that they’re struggling with one of the areas that Certified High Performance Coaches can help clients with? 1:00:44
  • What are three thought leaders he’s suggested the most to people? 1:13:10
  • One book that has catapulted him to where he is today. 1:14:35
  • What are three truths he’s learned over time that he’d share with others. 1:15:06
  • If he could say any ad on any social media, what would he say and what platform would he use? 1:18:13
  • What’s something he believed when he was 30 but he considers bogus now. 1:19:50
  • When he thinks of the word success, who comes to mind and why? 1:20:50
  • … and MUCH more!

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