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Veronica Kirin on Utilizing Personal Connections in Web Design and Coaching (AoL 051)

Of course you’re worried about your business idea. You’re not sure if it has what it takes to do anything out in the wild of the market. Do people really want what you have to offer? Who knows?

For so many of us, this worry keeps us from moving forward with our idea. Many times we’re held back more by the fear of what we might lose than what we might gain – even if we don’t have anything to lose yet.

According to today’s guest, Veronica Kirin, women tend to feel this fear and other emotions even more. She herself has had to struggle with being an outsider looking in – in her home town. She says,  “both men and women burn out, but women have to deal with extra hurdles that men might not have to”. 

Knowing these differences allows her to design websites and coach her clients in a very personal manner. She gets it because she’s been there herself.

In this chat, Laila and I talk with her about how she got over her initial obstacles of starting a business. (Which included having people in her network that didn’t support what she wanted to do because she had other ideas.) We also talk a bit about her new podcast, Degrees of Separation, and we also find out more about her experiences with coaching.

The thing about business ideas is that there’s no such thing as certainty, only confidence. There is no way to tell if a business is going to work with 100% certainty, but we can find confidence. Perhaps hearing Veronica’s story, will help you start finding your confidence.


  • Where her interest in helping others came 13:55
  • Why she majored in Social Anthropology and how she put it to use after graduation. 15:21
  • Why she decided to start a non-profit disaster relief organization. 20:21
  • How her first business, Green Cup Design, got started. 23:30
  • What she learned from Fuse West Michigan 28:53
  • How she knew it was time to enter into coaching 33:01
  • What she likes and dislikes about coaching 38:30
  • Why do entrepreneurs struggle with getting past point A? 43:44
  • Why she wrote a presidential speech when she was 17 49:08
  • Struggles women might have when starting an entrepreneurial career 50:18
  • What her new podcast, Degrees of Separation, is about. 55:21
  • What other projects she’s looking forward to releasing. 56:37
  • Who are 3 of her favorite influencers? 58:53
  • What are 3 of her favorite podcasts? 59:53
  • One gift she likes giving others. 1:00:18
  • Something she’d tell her 21 year old self is bogus. 1:00:45
  • Message or ad that she’d put out into the world where lots of people would see it. 1:01:57
  • When she thinks of success, who comes to mind? 1:02:49
  • … and MUCH more!

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Interview with Chad Bostick:

Trailer for Untold Stories:

Where Untold Stories Came From:

Virgil Westdale on why he’s happy Veronica is doing Untold Stories:

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