Barrett Brooks: ConvertKit Transition, Empowerment of Others, and Meaningful Conversations (AoL 054)

We’ve all felt that feeling where, at the end of the day, you wish you felt better about the work that you’re doing. Perhaps you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Maybe you want to pursue something else with your time? Make more impact on people.

How do you do that?

There’s so much to the answer of that simple questions.

Like the team at New Inceptions, Barrett Brooks, today’s guest, is all about helping people make an impact. He did it with his first business called Living for Monday, then went on to join Fizzle, and now he works with ConvertKit as their Brand Strategist and Community Builder.

In this chat with Barrett, we find out more about that transition to ConvertKit and what he looks forward to doing with them. We also got the opportunity to find out more about his time with Seth Godin, why he likes empowering others, and why he believes meaningful conversations are the basis for great relationships.


  • How Barrett got involved with ConvertKit 8:00
  • What’s the people and culture at ConvertKit like? 11:28
  • Who is ConvertKit for? 13:48
  • What was Barrett’s time with Seth Godin like? 15:56
  • Knowing what he knows now about business, how would he have changed his business plan for his old business “Living for Mondays”. 23:13
  • How did Barrett get started with 26:17
  • What were things that made Barrett want to become an empowerer of others? 29:05
  • Where does he get his interest in politics and world events? 40:02
  • Why he believes that great relationships are built on deep conversations and connections. 45:16
  • Who does Barrett coach and how does he reach out to them? 47:26
  • His thoughts in how to get more people in deep and meaningful conversations. 52:01
  • Biggest 3 Influencers in Barrett’s Life 59:24
  • What he believed when he was 21 and now sees as bogus. 1:00:11
  • Who’s the most awe-inspiring person he’s met? 1:01:23
  • One thing under $100 that has changed his life. 1:02:37
  • Who comes to mind when he thinks of success? 1:03:10
  • … and MUCH more!

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Barrett’s Choice Books:


Barrett’s TEDx Talk

Teaser for the Fizzle Jess Lively Interview

Jess Lively Interview:

barrett brooks jess lively












His interview via Talking Davos:

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