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Summer Edwards: Sustainable Fashion, Social Innovation, and Building a Portfolio Career (AoL 055)

Real talk: are you working your butt off trying to figure out what your niche is? So many business advisors on the web today are about finding one avatar that you can serve. For me, that never really worked. Nor has it worked for today’s guest – Summer Edwards.

Summer is another member of Fizzle (why haven’t you joined yet?) that I had the opportunity to meet. In a blog post a month or so back, she really hit the nail on the head when she brought up that women and especially women entrepreneurs, don’t “brag” about their success.

Summer’s success is multi-faceted. She’s a blogger, consultant, and leader who works with people in several niches. Those include sustainable fashion and social innovation.

In today’s talk, we discuss her success with these aspects of her, what she calls, portfolio career and what she’s learned along the way. We also dive into what made her made the transition in the first place.

Note: I didn’t know much about sustainable fashion going into this chat, so I’m kinda like a kid asking random questions in this one. But Laila was definitely on it.



  • What her post was about in Fizzle that inspired so many people. 5:43
  • Highlight of her successes she’s had and what kind of things she’s up to as a creative entrepreneur 7:06
  • Difference between working mom culture in the US and Australia 11:43
  • Did Summer always have the gene to start her own thing? 15:57
  • What is sustainable fashion? 20:51
  • Where the name for her blog came from and what are resources folks can use to educate themselves further? 31:44
  • How has leading with the mission in mind lead to her success as a social entrepreneur? 35:57
  • What are some examples of making a non-profit a social enterprise? 38:31
  • What a portfolio career is and how she’s been able to be successful with hers. 42:19
  • What are some of the things that’s she excited about coming down the line? 48:38
  • Name three influencers that have helped her launch her career. 53:13
  • Name favorite books she recommends to others. 54:32
  • One gift she likes giving others 58:02
  • Something believed as a 25 year old and doesn’t anymore. 55:48
  • When she’s thinks of success, who comes to mind? 59:53
  • … and MUCH more!

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A solution of a sustainable fashion industry – Fredrik Wikholm

The power of social innovation – Jeff Snell

Multipotentialite – Emily Wapnick

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in 1911

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