Cam Adair

Cam Adair: Traveling to Tanzania, the Value of Service, and Building Community (AoL 062)

Making content and regularly posting it is a great way to grow an audience.

In fact, it’s like, one of the most common pieces of online business advice around right now to do some sort of content marketing as soon as possible.

Blogs, Podcasts, YouTube videos – these are all forms of content marketing.

But the real question is, how do you build engagement? And once you build that engagement, how do you keep people coming back for more?

Cam Adair, today’s guest, is all about building relationships with people. That’s one of the main things he gets out of helping those in his Game Quitters community. Relationships.

Oh, that, and he just loves helping people with whatever he can.

In fact, this past October, Cam went to Tanzania to help a village get potable water… and he made even more “online” friends while he was there.

So in this first Silver Edition session (meaning second interview), Ginger and I get the chance to chat with Cam about his recent trip. We also talk a little strategy about how he’s been able to engage so well with his followers, and finally what he’s planning on doing to continue building Game Quitters.



  • What was Cam’s recent experience in Tanszania like? 8:51
  • What is EPIC all about? 9:57
  • How Cam is going to relate his experenice to Game Quitters. 11:53
  • What was the most meaningful part(s) of his trip? 13:54
  • What’s his involvement in CampuSpeak? 19:14
  • How do you meet people that have the same interests that you do, even if you’re in college. 25:17
  • How has travel made Cam more creative in his business? 27:46
  • What was the biggest hurdle in building the lifestyle he wanted when he started Game Quitters? 30:34
  • What has worked for Cam in creating a following on YouTube? 33:23
  • How does someone get people involved in the work they do? 35:37
  • Does Cam think that commenting is dead on most blogs and sites outside of the big social media platforms? 39:37
  • How does being of service to people actually fuel Cam to do what he does? 42:13
  • What is Cam looking forward to be working on in the New Year? 47:01
  • What is something that he believed as a 25 year old but doesn’t now? 52:24
  • What is one thing that all high school students must know? 53:16
  • One thing under $100 that has changed his life. 55:42
  • What does it meant to live a life of abundance? 52:03
  • How can someone be a difference maker for their community? 57:36
  • What are 4 steps to being more like Cam? 1:01:21
  • … and MUCH more!

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