Laura Petersen: Teaching Future Podcasters and Writers from Around the World (AoL 063)

If you’re creating a business from scratch, there’s going to be so many things that you need to learn.

If you’re going to building it online, you’re probably going to be utilizing some form of content marketing. Be it a podcast, making videos, or writing.

If you’re making a podcast, there’s plenty of information out there.

But what I’ve found out is that there’s not many folks that are going to take the time and really show you from the beginning what you need to know. There isn’t really any niched podcast teaching assistants.

In this session, I get the chance to chat with Laura Petersen, one of the co-founders of Podcast Teachers.

Not only does she teach people how to podcast, but she also teaches copy as well. And she does it all while she’s traveling around the world.

In this podcast, we discuss how relatively “easy” it is for people to get started in podcasting, what she’s been able to learn from past businesses, and we talk a little about mindset when starting a successful business.



  • Why Laura and her husband decided to spend the last year in Europe. 6:13
  • What are some things that Laura has learned in her travels? 11:34
  • What she felt when she finished reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad 16:54
  • How long did it take for her to realize she could actually start her own business? 19:33
  • What were some struggles she had to deal with when she started her first business? 23:02
  • How can someone get over the mindset that money is really hard to come by or is bad? 26:09
  • Where did her podcast and Podcast Teachers come from? 31:00
  • What are some of the hurdles that people normally deal with when starting a podcast? 34:49
  • Are Instagram quote images still a thing? 38:13
  • What are three of her more popular podcast episodes? 40:41
  • The story behind Laura interviewing Brandon T. Adams 44:40
  • More about the book she’s working on. 49:33
  • What are top three favorite books? 52:24
  • Something she believed when she was a 30 year old and doesn’t now? 54:11
  • What is one thing all high school students must know? 57:08
  • One thing that costs under $100 that has changed her life? 59:03
  • When she thinks of the word success, who comes to mind and why? 1:01:48
  • … and MUCH more!

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  1. Laura Petersen
    Laura Petersen says:

    Thank you SO much for having me on the show! You are a great interviewer and I had a lot of fun. Hope your audience finds my stories and nuggets valuable! 🙂

    Looking forward to interviewing you soon too!


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