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Tori Reid – Become a Master Content Creator! Why Blogging Should Still be a Part of Your Content Strategy (AoL 115)

Lots of people would say that blogging as we know it is dead. There’s little ROI on it because you have to compete with all the other blogs that are out there.

That’s why a lot of people use Medium as their blogging platform. They then link those posts on social media hoping that the eyeballs see it.

However, today’s guest, Tori Reid, suggests otherwise.

She says that people still find blogs and other websites when they want to find information. However, when it comes to personal connection, that’s when they hop on social media.

Knowing this is important to content creators.

As are many other pointers.

This is what Tori’s group helps people with – keeping on top of what’s popular in the content creation world and how to get it out in a way that resonates with its intended audience.

In today’s chat with Tori, we find out how she got into content writing in the first place, how she started writing for LifeHacker, and her thoughts on blogging in 2018 and beyond.




  • How’d Tori end up in Columbus and what are some of the benefits of working there as an entrepreneur? 11:20
  • What was it like to wake up to 1000 members in her Facebook group? 18:19
  • How did she get into content writing? 19:35
  • What was the pivot moment that she decided to drop out of school to pursue her business? 23:39
  • How did Tori become a writer for LifeHacker? 25:15
  • Why did she change her focus from blog writing to content development? 29:01
  • Can people still create successful brands online without putting a hub of theirs on a social media app? 32:44
  • What was the point where things start getting traction in her online career? 36:38
  • What’s a way for introverts to ease themselves into doing Facebook Lives? 40:01
  • What are a few tips that someone can utilize to craft a better selling message? 42:22
  • What’s Tori looking forward to doing in 2018? 48:24
  • What are her top 3 favorite books? 51:59
  • What’s something she’s learned to say no and what realizations have helped with that? 52:45
  • Something that she believes is going to affect entrepreneurs in the near future? 54:22
  • What bad advice does Tori hear adults giving children that she disagrees with? 56:34

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