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Mirna Bacun – How to Use LinkedIn to Build a Community and Make Thousands in Revenue (AoL 018)

If you’re a creator who wants to build awareness, there’s not many better ways than to build an online community on one of the social media platforms. Most creators opt for Facebook because it has the largest footprint. However, does that mean it’s the best? Does it mean it’s the most efficient?

I know for me, I’ve seen plenty of groups on Facebook that are highly engaged. That’s why I started the Junto group there. Unfortunately, I didn’t really know what I was doing when I started it, so it’s kind of a ghost town. I’m still trying to fix that because, Facebook groups is where it’s at in 2016 when it comes to engaged communities on social media.

Mirna Bacun begs to differ. Through doing her work with her SaaS project, Greenpie, she has found a great way to build communities on LinkedIn.

When she got into The Foundation, she had very little knowledge of entrepreneurship and possibly even worse, little to no connections when it came to building her list of potential clients. So long story short, she decided that LinkedIn was as good as any other place to build a community for her company.

She chose well. In the podcast, she talks about how literally everything she does on LinkedIn is free. Getting on News Feeds, messaging, sending bulletins – all of it.

Besides her background and how she got started as entrepreneur, she also talks about her new course and how you can learn just enough about LinkedIn to get a group going yourself and to make thousands in revenue

So if you’re in need for a community and want to do it in an effective an inexpensive way, then you’ll definitely dig this conversation… and then look for her to release her course in February 2016.


  • How Myr got into entrepreneurship, and more specifically, in The Foundation.
  • What she got out of The Foundation besides her own company.
  • How she handled and overcame her family skepticism of what she was doing.
  • The founding of her first business, Greenpie
  • How she got into building communities on LinkedIn
  • What the benefits are of building a community on LinkedIn (including free traffic)
  • Why she loves LinkedIn vs Facebook
  • How you can learn what she knows about LinkedIn (she made a course version 2!)
  • How she’s been able to utilize her Yoga teaching methods to help others
  • …and MUCH more.

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Ask by Ryan Levesque (Amazon Link)

Over a year ago, Pat Flynn had mentioned that he could only meditate with a certain piece of equipment called Muse. I’ll share a review of it. If you’re really interested in meditating and for some reason struggle with accomplishing it, Muse might be a good buy for you. You can check him out using it in Episode 2 of the SPI TV show on YouTube.

Also, we talked in detail about The Foundation earlier in the podcast. If you want to find out more about Dane Maxwell and Andy Drish’s program, I’ll have a couple of videos that give you an idea of what it’s all about. I’ll also have a link to their podcast. If anything, I’d say The Foundation is the boot camp to Fizzle’s volunteer program. If you need some strong motivation to get a business going, they’ll make sure of it.

What they’re doing is what I believe New Inceptions can help people do someday.

The Foundation Podcast

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