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Clay Green: Make it Happen – 3 Habits To Help You Get What You Really Want (AoL 078)

Many of us have heard many times the actual steps to being successful. In fact, I’ve wrote about many of these topics in blog posts here at New Inceptions. They include:

  • Reading and/or learning from others who have what you want regularly.
  • You should plan regularly to get what you want.
  • Reflect as much as possible – Daily, weekly, Monthly, Yearly.
  • Appreciate what you have because doing the opposite is what we’re used to and it’s a big reason why so many of us have negative attitudes.

The list goes on.

In today’s episode, co-host of AoL and founder of EnthusiatiCLAY, Clay Green, shares with us his three top habits. These habits include much of what we need to do to achieve long term success.

And we’ve heard people talk about them before.

In this podcast, however, he takes it to the next level. He actually shares proof in why we should be doing these three things.

I also ask him some in depth questions that lead to a great conversation as well.

This is his silver edition, so if you want his background, you can find out more about him in session 46.

As always, thanks for listening, and enjoy the show!


  • How we got started in this talk. 6:25
  • How’s his trek going throughout the country going? 8:15
  • What’s the first step to building your own belief? 12:16
  • How do you build your belief circle? 18:02
  • How do you start listening to your own internal voice of what you actually want? 26:50
  • The three habits which can change your life. 21:30
  • Why meditation is important to so many successful people. 31:40
  • Why gratitude is essential to long lasting success. 43:14
  • The hardest thing he’s ever had to say no to. 46:46
  • One thing that cost under $100 that has changed his life. 48:41
  • What’s the smallest decision he’s made that has had the largest impact on his life? 49:30
  • What is one thing all high school students must know? 53:31
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their community? 56:58
  • … and MUCH more!

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First Tour of Clay’s Trailer:

View of the Garage of Clay’s Trailer:

Followup thoughts on today’s interview:

Enjoying Life:

meditation is a habit of success
belief is a huge part of success
get anything you want
to get what you want you need to think selfishly

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