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David Anderson – Why Am I Here? – Why Discovering Your Personal Mission is Vital to Living a Purpose Driven Life (AoL 092)

Why am I here? That’s a question that a lot of people have asked themselves over the years. And because success looks different to different people, you might not not be able to recognize it if your career involved just formal education and getting a job upon graduation. In fact, if you’ve gone that traditional route, you might believe that those who have the most money or the most fame might be considered the most successful.

I believe that this model simply doesn’t fit in today’s new world. Sure, I might say that a majority of people still believe that to be considered successful, it just happens to you – but I and many other creators would say that success comes with achieving what you set out to do – whatever that might look like.

Today’s guest, David Anderson, is the co-author of the book The Delusion of Passion: Why Millennials Struggle with Success.

This book might sound familiar because Laila and I had the opportunity to speak with Mark Nathan about book back in session 23. It was also the book that “I helped re-publish” last year.

For me, a lot of things have changed since then – including learning how to really launch books and courses – but one thing stayed constant: I still hadn’t met the “other” co-author of the book.

Then I found out that he did a TEDx talk.

As I watched his presentation and got the chance to know jim, I realized why Mark had chosen him to help him write the book. He really is an impressive guy. He’s seems to have accomplished everything that he’s wanted to do – and through his own experiences, he really has a lot to teach others.

In this chat with David, Albert and I find out more about his mindset he used to land a job at the White House, how the entire process of writing the book with Mark went, how he got into international trading, and much more. We even ask him questions you guys submitted about finding one’s own mission.

If you’re a fan of the Delusion of Passion, or simply want to get to hear more about what it takes to really achieve your dreams – this session is for you.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy the show!


  • Why did David opt to do a TEDx in Austria and not the US? 8:10
  • Why did he choose to support his family growing up? 10:05
  • Does he feel that he still has credibility with his home community after achieving all the success he has? 12:30
  • How did David achieve his goal in working in the White House? 16:11
  • How did he team up with Mark Nathan to write their book? 19:31
  • What’s it like to flip the switch and start writing a book? 20:58
  • How’d they go about writing a second version of the book where they included their personal stories? 23:16
  • Why did they opt to write a book vs all the other options that are out there these days? 25:36
  • When did the talk about mission come into schedule – before or after writing the book? 28:00
  • How did David get into international trading and becoming a “futurist”? 28:37
  • How can someone find their mission if they’re not sure what it might be? 41:18
  • What does someone do if they’ve come to the end of their current mission? 46:44
  • What can you do if you feel people are constantly trying to pull you away from your mission? 50:32
  • How does someone get out of a job that they dislike, but they can’t because it pays the bills? 51:57
  • How can someone find their Why (as Simon Sinek is famous for discussing in his TED talk?) 53:44
  • What’s David’s near future looking like? 56:12
  • Who are his favorite top 3 influencers? 58:53
  • What’s the worst job he’s ever had? 1:00:07
  • What’s a life skill he’s amazed people lack? 1:00:37
  • Secret to achieving personal freedom? 1:01:01
  • … and MUCH more!

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David’s TEDx talk:

David and Mark featured on FOX News Chicago:

David speaks with Till Gross about life and the book:

Pre-launch video of Delusion of Passion (from June 2016):

why am I here
a purpose driven life
a purpose driven life
why am I here

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