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Dr. Robert Garcia – The Warrior Strategist – Making Your Veteran Owned Business Your Next Battlefield (AoL 111)

In the military, people are groomed to be able to take a given situation (many times dangerous) and take charge of it. Often an objective will change at a moment’s notice, but the end goal remains the same. Because of this, they learn to be flexible and resourceful.

When they get out of the military, many veterans find it hard to get back into civilian life primarily because the world they’re used to is so different than what they’re now having to adjust in. A lot of times, the work their working life doesn’t make as much impact as the work they’re used to. And, further more, the mindset of your typical civilian worker is completely different.

Many veterans who start their own business do so because they feel that calling to do something more than the typical 9 to 5. In fact, they don’t just feel it – they know that they can build something meaningful because of their experiences.

However, just like any entrepreneur’s journey, the path to do that isn’t super straight forward. So that’s why folks like today’s guest, Dr. Robert Garcia are needed. They can relate to the veteran because they’ve been there – but they also know what it takes to be successful in business.

Today we find out why he’s referred to as the Warrior Strategist.



  • What was life like growing up for Robert? 7:58
  • How does Robert focus on getting so much creative work done? 11:28
  • Why did Robert start his digital magazine? 14:48
  • How does someone who wants to interview or talk to a influencers get access to them in the first place? 16:19
  • What made Robert decide to go after his PhD? 20:17
  • What inspired him to create his Warrior Path program for entrepreneurs? 21:32
  • What are 3 steps that someone can take to get better at anything? 30:34
  • What’s coming up for Rob in the near future? 34:59
  • How can a veteran who’s used to being told what to do become a well known entrepreneur? 36:02
  • What are Rob’s top 3 favorite books? 41:40
  • What’s something under $100 that has changed Rob’s life? 42:33
  • What’s an issue more people should be talking about yet hardly anyone is? 43:39
  • What’s something all high school students must know? 45:26
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their community? 47:25

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