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Edwin Culver – Finding Meaning in Music – How Music Education Goes Beyond the Classroom (AoL 107)

Lots of people want to change the world – but, unfortunately, they think that only government can do that.

So how do you help them change that belief? To one where they think anything is possible?

I personally believe that anyone can make change – it’s just a matter of finding your own personal Truth and then applying that knowledge to the world around you. Helping people in a way that is uniquely you.

Today’s guest is a great example of that.

Having been trained as a classical musician, Edwin Culver first started his career as a teacher. However, he soon realized that this wasn’t his calling. His students were not nearly as fascinated about the arts as much as he first hoped they’d be.

He wanted to change this – but he wasn’t going to do so from the inside.

Today, he has transitioned to performing more regularly and training those that want to actually learn. But, like any good educator knows, it’s important to know the background of what you’re teaching so that you can give your students can understand the full context of what they’re learning.

In today’s chat, you’ll find out how he ended up with this perspective and also what he’s done to further his own education. We also discuss how someone can become a musician like him AND how he applies some of the things that he learned during a short internship with Wallbuilders and Mercury One.




  • How did Edwin go from being a music teacher to becoming an actual performing musician? 14:16
  • Is playing other people’s music as fulfilling as playing his own? 29:15
  • Why did Edwin apply for the Wallbuilders’ leadership internship this past summer at TheBlaze studios? 42:05
  • What kind of specific experiences did he have during his internship that were memorable? 51:59
  • Were there any lessons he had that he now applies directly to his work as a musician? 58:14
  • How can someone pursue a career in music? 1:07:37
  • What is he currently working on that he’s excited about? 1:11:30
  • 3 Influencers or teachers which helped him to where he’s at today? 1:14:57
  • What’s a gift Edwin likes giving others? 1:18:39
  • What was the smallest decision he’s made that had the largest impact on his life? 1:20:18
  • What’s a skill that he’s often surprised people lack today? 1:22:06
  • What is the secret to achieving personal freedom? 1:25:33
  • … and MUCH more!

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Choros No. 1 by Heitor Villa-Lobosh:

Beginning of Edwin Culver’s performance (8/2/17):

Edwin Discussing Dissonance (pt1):

Edwin Discussing Dissonance (pt2):

Edwin’s intern group at the Leadership Training Program:

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