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Just Getting Started: Why Execution is More Important Than Having the Best Business Ideas with Jeremy Miller (AoL 101)

What could possibly come after the big 100th episode of AoL? How about an episode where the guest does pretty much everything we talk about in that session item by item.

In this session, Albert and I are joined by Jeremy Miller. Jeremy is a well known entrepreneur around Indianapolis due to his speaking engagements and the work that he does through the multiple companies he’s involved with.

What’s great is that just like Dane Maxwell back in session 56, Jeremy’s been able to use entrepreneurship as a way to put his energy into something that has give him purpose.

Here’s the catch, though. While Dane found entrepreneurship in college, Jeremy found it while he was still in high school.

And now that he’s graduated, he’s really starting to open things up! He’s not wasting time stuck in a chair preparing for tests!

In this conversation, we learn more about his backstory, his perspectives on some of the general mindsets that someone considering to be an entrepreneur needs, and why execution beats the best business ideas!

Thanks for spending some time with us and enjoy!


  • How’d Jeremy get into entrepreneurship? 11:09
  • Did he have a mentor and how did he end up seeking them out? 13:45
  • How does Jeremy balance work, travel and life? 16:54
  • Where did he travel to once graduating? 22:07
  • How did Jeremy start living intentionally? 28:27
  • Jeremy’s thoughts on over executing the competition vs worrying about stealing an idea. 30:59
  • What are some steps that people can take to make a difference in the world? 33:30
  • Which is right? The perspective of finding passion in your work or your passion leading to the work you do? 37:31
  • What’s Jeremy looking forward to in the not too distant future? 40:37
  • What are his Top 3 favorite books? 43:17
  • What’s his least favorite social custom? 44:17
  • What advice does he hear adults giving young kids that he’d call BS on? 49:51
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their own community? 52:20
  • … and MUCH more!

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Jeremy’s Story:

Jeremy on WTHR 13:

Subaru Impreza Movie:

Mike Rowe on NOT following Your Passion:

best business ideas
best business ideas
best business ideas
best business ideas


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