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Getting over the Fear of Public Speaking: Discovering the Stage Fright Cure with Marti MacEwan (AoL 088)

Stage fright, fear of public speaking, or performance anxiety are things that many people, especially creatives, have to deal with to achieve some sort of success in their lives.

If you want your message to be heard, then you’re just going to have to deal with it – so many of the experts say.

How exactly do you deal with it?

Personally, I’ve always struggled with it as far back as I can remember. It prevented me from joining the debate team in high school and it also prevented me from trying to achieve more in band. Later, when I was in college, I couldn’t help but have a dear in headlights look in my communications classes… and then finally, when I hit grad school, it was really a fight or flight situation. Either I get over it and teach 6 classes of 30+ students, or don’t go to grad school. I had no interest to do research.

Those classes were rough, but I made it through.

For today’s guest, Marti MacEwan, she had a similar struggle. It suddenly hit her when she attempted to sing – but couldn’t.

From that point on, she made it a point to figure out why she couldn’t. And she came to find out that it stemmed all the way back to her childhood.

As she found out where her fear actually came from, she learned to cope with it. What she found out she later shared in her book: The Stage Fright Cure.

In today’s chat, Veronica and I learn from Marti more about this path of hers, where the book came from, and some really good tips for you if you’re struggling with stage fright.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy the show!


  • What was Marti’s background with stage fright before she could help other people tackle theirs? 9:13
  • Why did she choose theatre as a major in college even though she would get stage fright? 11:00
  • How did Marti get into therapy while her background was in theatre? 13:01
  • What inspired Marti to write her book, the Stage Fright Cure? 15:52
  • What’s the difference between therapy, training, and coaching? 28:33
  • What’s her take on pivoting in one’s career successfully? 39:27
  • What are some of the things that someone can start doing to work on their own stage fright issues? 43:45
  • Top three favorite books? 52:54
  • What is a scientific fact that she knows but yet still blows her away? 56:32
  • What’s something that isn’t as hard as she thought it was going to be? 1:01:22
  • What’s a basic life skill that Marti is amazed people lack? 1:02:48
  • What does it mean to live a life of abundance? 1:04:30
  • … and MUCH more!

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marti macewan fear of public speaking fear of public speaking fear of public speaking

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