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Dr. Grace Lee – Going Against the Grain: Why Formal Education Might Not Be the Best Option for Your Next Career Transition (AoL 161)

Making a career transition is not a topic to be taking lightly. In fact, for many people, the idea is simply a pipe dream. They feel stuck where they’re at due to having to support their family or that they simply don’t have time to go to college to move ahead.

However, college isn’t always the answer. In fact, there’s some questions that college isn’t designed for at all!

In this session, Veronica and I speak with Dr. Grace Lee about the pros and cons of formal education and how we can actually harness our own gifts in our work.



  • What response did Grace have to the trauma of being alone and homeless by the age of 10? 9:10
  • What started helping her realize that she could be and have more in life? 14:12
  • When did she determine that she wanted pursue her formal education? 21:02
  • After realizing what she did about the formal education system, how does Grace help those in career transition? 34:05
  • Why isn’t she a fan about following your passion? 36:26
  • What does Grace recommend to those who feel they’re stuck in a rut and need to get out of their comfort zone? 41:42
  • Besides having mentors, what are some secrets to success? 44:38
  • Are there any secrets to success that young go-getters often use that older folk can implement in their own lives and self-mastery? 46:05
  • What is the vision for Career Revisionist? 49:17
  • What is Grace excited about for the year 2020? 52:08
  • Top 3 influencers or teachers who have launched Grace to where she’s at today? 53:50
  • What’s something that costs under $100 that has changed her life? 54:11
  • What happens regularly today that would horrify someone from a hundred years ago? 55:16
  • If she woke up tomorrow as her 10 year old self with all her memories, what would she do? 55:38
  • What’s the secret to achieving personal freedom? 56:28


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