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Generation Freedom: Telling the Story of Online Entrepreneurs & Internet Business with Michael Hall and Chris Sakr (AoL 149)

For many, internet business is something that is pretty simple to understand. Create a digital product or service, get a couple of clients, and then scale. If done right, you can build yourself a great lifestyle.

The problem, however, is that the majority of the population doesn’t know that this opportunity is available. In fact, your own family or friends might still wonder about “that thing that you’re doing”.

Today’s subject and interview might just help people you know get a grasp on that thing.

In the documentary Generation Freedom, creators Michael Hall and Chris Sakr give us an overview of what it means to be an online entrepreneur.

Does it look entirely the same for everyone? Of course not. But there are certain ideas and concepts that we all have to know to comprehend the true powers of internet business.

In this chat, Harrison and I have the opportunity to chat with Michael and Chris and find out more about why they made the documentary, how they made it, and why they started filmmaking in the first place.



  • How did Michael and Chris get into filmmaking so young? 8:54
  • What kept them from giving up on their aspirations? 12:35
  • Is there anything they would say to their past filmmaking peers who have put their dreams on the backburner? 17:06
  • What’s their view on the current state of Hollywood? 19:38
  • What do they think about leveraging Netflix and YouTube to get films out? 21:50
  • How did Shohawk Media get started? What kind of work can we expect from them? 26:59
  • How were Michael and Chris able to distribute the Generation Freedom documentary? 29:29
  • What kind of advice would they offer someone who’s struggling to make money from their art? 33:31
  • What was the process like for putting together the documentary? 39:12
  • Where does Michael and Chris see Shohawk in the future? 46:57
  • What song, book, and film should be added to the national curriculum? 50:08
  • Who’s their favorite filmmaker? 54:45
  • Is there an issue that more people should be talking about? 55:52
  • Something that has cost under $100 which has changed their life? 57:36
  • Are there any pieces of equipment that up and coming filmmakers should look into? 58:33
  • What’s the secret to achieving personal freedom? 1:01:04


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Generation Freedom Trailer

Who is Shohawk?

WhiskeyFest Northwest Promotional Video

Episode 1 of the Make This Movie Podcast

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