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Jessica Rhodes – Additional Fuel for Your Launch: Leveraging other’s Networks to Appear on Popular Business Podcasts (AoL 129)

Unfortunately, not all of us have gotten to the point where we can just reach out to 50 some podcasts and YouTube channels and have tons of interviews about our new warez.

However, there are folks out there that have a comparable network to those well known thought leaders. Many times they’re publicists, but in this session’s case, we’re talking specifically about being booked as a guest for podcasts!

Jessica Rhodes is the founder of Interview Connections and has been building her business by being the matchmaker for podcasters and expert guests.

In today’s conversation, we talk to Jessica about how this business of hers got off the ground and how she and her team can do the footwork for you in getting your message out.



  • How was Jessica first introduced to the thought leader industry? 9:26
  • When did she realize that she had a specific niche that she was suited for? 14:07
  • Why should people still consider to be on podcasts in 2018 and beyond? 19:12
  • What are some of the habits that Jessica practices that have helped her get to where she’s at today. 24:52
  • How did Jessica develop her team? 34:52
  • What should a thought leader do if they’re launching a new product but don’t have a lot of podcasting friends to help get the word out? 42:10
  • If someone wants to hire a booking agent or publicist, how much should they budget to start working with one? 46:38
  • Are there any milestones that people should have hit in their business before working with Jessica? 51:11
  • What’s going on for Jessica the rest of the year? 53:08
  • What’s a documentary that she recommends people check out? 55:59
  • If she could have dinner with anyone, who would she choose? 56:27
  • What would she do if she was recently told she’d be going back to January 1st, 1990. What would she do when she got there?? 57:44
  • What is one thing she believes all high school students must know? 58:31
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their community? 59:33

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Jessica on how she Wrote her Book

Making a Press Page for Guest Appearances

Qualifying Podcasts Before Making an Appearance as a Guest

Jumping through Hoops, or Working Together?

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