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Kelly DiNardo – Practicing Mindfulness in an Uncertain World: What Yoga can Teach Us about the Next New Economy with Kelly DiNardo (AoL 173)

In a an usual time like we’re going through right now, it’s easy to be hyper responsive to everything that’s going on around us. Practicing mindfulness is probably the last thing many folks are thinking about. In fact, I’d go on to say that many people are doing the opposite – they’re in a constant state of panic. They’re still focused on what we’ve been through, not where the world is going.

But can you blame them? Many who were hanging on a thread from their day job have found themselves in a lot of hurt right now. Even small business owners and farmers find themselves having to do things they never thought they’d have to.

What I’ve personally found out is this. If we can manage our stress in stressful times, then new solutions and new ways of looking at the world come more readily. We have to give ourselves room to find our own pandemic pivot. (Plus it always seems to me that survivors in zombie movies tend to see what the masses are doing, and do the opposite!)

In this conversation with Kelly DiNardo, we learn about a time where she herself had to pivot earlier in her career. While it wasn’t convenient at the time, it sure did prep her for future times of adversity.



  • What was Kelly’s “A-ha!” moments when it came to practicing mindfulness? 11:22
  • What was the process like for Kelly in putting together her Yoga business? 17:37
  • How does she find time to manage her two completely different businesses? 22:13
  • Based on how she runs her business, what opportunities has she seen to grow and expand her business? 26:54
  • What are her thoughts when it comes to achievement vs feeling shut in and scared during the pandemic? 33:13
  • Even though we’re dealing with the pandemic in 2020, what is Kelly still excited for this year? 39:24
  • What are Kelly’s top 3 influential podcasts she listens to? 41:23
  • In the last few years, is there something specific she’s learned to say no to? 42:35
  • Is there an issue more people should be talking about right now, yet hardly anyone is with the pandemic? 43:16
  • What’s a tip for traveling? 44:42
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their community? 48:02


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