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Matt Baker – Small Business Accounting for the Rest of Us: Why Knowing Your Numbers is Imperative to Sustainable Self-Employment (AoL 160)

Small business accounting is a topic that many entrepreneurs needlessly struggle with when they’re getting their feet wet with running a business. For me, I have a simple tracking system of my expenditures. And usually, when it comes to invoicing, I usually opt to get paid on the front end. Outside of that, I really don’t have too much to keep track of.

However, I realize I’m not a true representation of most business owners. Most business owners need a platform that can do more than AR/AP. They might need something that takes care of payments and is a CRM on top of that. A one stop location for all of your financial bookkeeping.

That’s where Freshbooks comes in.

In our chat today, Matt Baker, VP of Corporate Strategy and International Expansion at Freshbooks, shares with us what numbers of business owners should be paying attention to.

We also discuss the process of de-risking the move to self-employment as well as what he’d recommend to entrepreneurs starting out in the Midwest.



  • If Disney were to make a movie about Matt, what it’s genre be and how would it begin? 6:42
  • What’s Matt’s thoughts on going to college in today’s career climate? 12:15
  • How can someone de-risk the move to self-employment? 16:30
  • What would he recommend to folks wanting to start a business in the Midwest? 20:53
  • Is social media creating an unrealistic vision of what it takes to be an entrepreneur? 24:55
  • Who’s a realistic role model someone can follow to learn to start their business? 28:04
  • How safe is being a W2 employee for the foreseeable future? 29:59
  • What are some steps that someone can do to take control of their career? 33:56
  • What financial numbers should a small business owner pay attention to? 37:42
  • When things are going wrong for businesses in their finances, where does it typically go wrong? 42:18
  • What does Matt see himself doing the rest of 2019 and beyond? 44:49
  • What 3 influential podcasts does he listen to on a regular basis? 48:16
  • One gift Matt likes giving other people? 49:17
  • What’s an issue that more people should be talking about? 50:35
  • When Matt becomes overwhelmed or unfocused, what’s he do? 51:50
  • What’s it mean to live a life of abundance? 53:06


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