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Soft Skills for your Growing Indie Business – Why Millennial Entrepreneurs Need a Personal Development Plan with Hector Santiesteban (AoL 094)

Do you know people who are doing exceptionally well with their indie business? Do they just seem like natural solopreneurs? How’d they get to be so polished?

I can tell you. Through a lot of personal development work.

That’s one of the biggest take aways I got out of my time in the MLM / direct sales world. How important personal development is.

I feel I can safely say that today’s guest believes the same thing – personal development goes hand in hand with building a business.

Hector Santiesteban is the founder of Millennial Skills. Like us here at New Inceptions, he feels that there is a major lack in the desires of many folks out there and the actions they’re taking to get what they want.

Like me, he probably asked himself at one point “why should the MLM groups get to only share this with all their members. Why shouldn’t the masses know?”

That’s one of the things that we find out today. We also learn why he feels it’s necessary to niche down in your new business and some of the struggles he’s had in moving to an entirely new type of business.

If you want to start thinking like truly successful people, then you’ll need to know Hector.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy the show!


  • How did Hector end up in Southern California? 12:56
  • How did he become a National Champion Sales Manager? 15:59
  • Why did he start working with Millennials and start Millennial Skills? 22:32
  • Is having one thing all in one spot not a big a deal as it used to be? 31:58
  • What are some of the biggest struggles in starting his online business? 35:20
  • What does he think about the advice of niching down? 42:45
  • How do you find clarity in your purpose and business? 49:39
  • What’s some of the things he’s looking forward to in 2017? 52:39
  • Who are his 3 biggest teachers and influencers? 56:31
  • What is a social norm that tends to irritate Hector a bit? 1:04:43
  • What is an issue that people aren’t talking about, but they should be? 1:06:30
  • If he woke up as his 10 year old self tomorrow with all his memories, what would he do? 1:11:32
  • What’s the secret to achieving personal freedom? 1:15:08
  • … and MUCH more!

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personal development plan

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